Monzo and Bet 365

Anyone use Monzo and bet365? Usually with my Lloyd’s the winning will hit my account at 3pm the following day…
Any idea what time it will it monzo?

I’ve noticed mine is at a random time in the next day or two from withdrawal.

Mainly due to it being a bank transfer rather than a faster payment in my case

Is this the case for you? With Skybet its next working day at 00:30

Well they always return the winning back to the card…any winning withdrawn from 365 before 11pm has always been in my Lloyd’s the next day at 3pm…
Not sure with monzo

I actually didnt believe this to be the case.

When filing for a withdrawal you have to select a card or bank account to withdraw to?

In my case (to add some friction im guessing) they didnt allow me to select a card to withdraw to and asked me to use a bank account instead.

If you have selected your monzo card and not the bank account I’d expect it to come to your account most likely today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Update for anyone else interested, money was withdrawn just before 11pm last night to my card and it’s just been credited to my monzo account…so quicker than Lloyd’s…Lloyd’s is always been 3pm

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We participate in all six Mastercard clearing cycles per day so you’ll receive refunds and withdrawals in the very next clearing cycle after they issue the refund or withdrawal (which may be once per day on their end). :muscle: