Wireless earbud cases?

This is interesting… I’ve heard of the Klipsch brand before but don’t know much about them. They seem to be doing something pretty cool with the actual casing of their wireless buds, going for a Zippo lighter type feel.


I think this is really cool.

AirPods are clearly a good product, since everyone that has them raves about them, but I happen to think the charging case is awfully designed, and looks like a pack of dental floss. I’m sure it’s very functional but I think the aesthetic is horrible.


I myself own Pixel Buds, and while the charging case is probably a bit more faffy than the AirPods, it has a nice soft touch fabric aesthetic which I find quite charming and comfortable :


I think Klipsch are perhaps onto something here, and a lightweight, dark metal Zippo style casing could be the way forward aesthetically.

For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, which style would you prefer? Bear in mind we aren’t talking about the actual earbuds here, just the casing.

  • Plastic-style, like Apple
  • Fabric-style, like Google
  • Metal-style, like Klipsch
  • Other (explain in a reply!)

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Zolo Liberty+ are good earbuds, but they definitely suffer with the dodgy looking case. Really heavy too!

Although I find Google’s case more pleasing to the eye I find the AirPod case easier to wipe down. Along with being more sturdy in the long run.

That lighter style case is interesting! I’d just get annoyed about the metal scuffing.

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Personally, I’m fine with the Apple style ones. The buds are very very reliable, and the case serves its function very well.

The thing I want most (from the case) is compact, sturdy, and easy to charge. Looks - well most of the time they are in my pocket - so I don’t mind too much.

There seems to be a fair few wireless buds on the way (and suggestions of a few more announced at CES next week?)

These Sennheiser ones seem to have a nice aesthetic, but not sure how small or sturdy they’d be:

These ones also have a nice stainless steel case

But yeah, the Apple design works well for me.


I’ve absolutely no doubt that the Sennheisers have the best sound, but then they are twice the price of the AirPods and Pixel Buds… Their case looks great too.

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Any of these using graphene drivers? Supposed to add 25% to battery life.

Absolutely… I might be tempted to splurge that much on a pair of over-ear headphones if I was looking for those… But $300… Is very much.

Definitely love the case on the Pixel Buds :blush: It feels premium and friendly, though it’s not as compact as I’m sure Ear Pods are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sadly the Pixel Buds themselves aren’t as wonderful as the case hehe :yum:

Holding out for Bose to release a slightly less bulky version of their wireless in-ear headphones :smiley: Bose headphones are the only in-ear’s I get along with - there’s very few designs I’ve not tried :see_no_evil: Bose wins every time, the only style that don’t fall out of my ears or feel uncomfortable :smiley:

So I’d love to see a Pixel Bud style case with compact headphones & Bose-style ear tips :sunglasses: - I’d buy them in a heartbeat :joy:

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I cannot recommend the Mobvoi TicPods enough. I received them as a gift for Christmas and they have exceeded all expectations.

The initial pairing is seamless and they are easy to use. With excellent sound quality and battery life they are by far the best set of headphones I have ever owned. They have a neat little charging case as well :wink:

Last time I checked they were 25% off with the code TICPODS4U. Even without this code, they are definately worth the £119.99😎

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I want Space Grey AirPods please


I’ve been using these earphones and have been blown away with them. Shows you how much markup the big companies get on their earphones.

I don’t mind plastic cases. They last for a long time and are light. Wouldn’t want fabric as it would get dirty too easily IMO.

I put a case on my airpods case since I kept losing just the case.
I have a tile on it now!

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I really like Apple’s design. Small, compact, sturdy and the magnetics mean putting the pods back in is super easy.

I’d not want them to change it really. Plus they are always in my pocket so doesn’t really matter.


I am quite interested to see how HYPHEN will work out. The case seems a bit bulky but the headphones seem quite interesting. I believe they might end up being quite similar to the TicPods Free.


I’ve just stumbled across the Nokia earbuds. Looks like a nice system.

(This said, the playback time is shocking…)

I’ve just discovered these, too. Pretty good value on Indiegogo, so probably worth a look even if they’re average. Qi charging capability is an edge over the competition. Not sure I like how they’re styled after the ugly Apple ones, though.