Windows 11

Anyone upgraded yet?

I get to 72% on step 3 and it errors out. Tried a few times

Mine says my PC can run Windows 11 but that I’m not being offered it yet.

Not sure if there’s any way of force downloading it?

You can install from a .iso file (How to download and install Windows 11 — a step-by-step guide | Tom's Guide) - but it is possible you won’t get auto-updates going forward if Win11 is installed this way.

I recommend waiting for the proper Windows Update route to open up in ‘Settings/Update & Security’

Thanks. I’m happy to wait. I’m not that desperate for it to be honest.

It’s probably better to wait a few weeks for any major bugs to be ironed out anyway!

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Literally this ^^

I even work in IT and I am not rushing to install it until all the drivers get updated etc to deal with w11 quirks.
I will be a faster upgraded than most but day 1 is something I am avoiding for now given its not adding many things I need.
The new office though… I do want asap.


Just download the installer from Microsoft’s website:


That’s the one I’ve been trying

Mine paused for quite some time on 72% but is now at 76%. Very slow, though…

I got error code 0x8007007f and then asked if I wanted to retry or cancel. I’ll try again tomorrow

Need a new CPU first as my Gen 1 Ryzen isn’t supported but MB is otherwise fine so will get a newer Ryzen next month and then install

Try running the Installation Assistant as Administrator…

Thanks! I’ll give it a go

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All done on my Surface Pro 7. Once you get past Stage 3 the rest of the installation is pretty quick.

Fully installed within about 35 minutes
Got a very Linux feel to it

Will I be upgrading?

Short answer: No

Long answer: If I find workarounds, maybe


TPM is easy just enable it in the BIOS.

Not sure why that CPU isn’t supported

8 cores, 16 threads ain’t good enough.

I know my board (X99) has a slot for a TPM 1.2 chip - but it’d not built in to the BIOS (there’s no option, I checked)

TPM 2.0 is a thing on X99: X99 Classified and a Intel i7-5960X (TPM support) - EVGA Forums

BUT the CPU is still unsupported, all because microsoft want you to buy a new device

How very Apple…

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You can bypass the restriction apparently