Buying games?

So I have an Xbox one and a Microsoft pc to play games with.

If I buy a game via my Xbox to play, will it be available for me to play on my pc too or would i have to pay twice?

Depends on the game, some you can

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If the game is advertised as Xbox Play Anywhere, you’ll be able to buy it once and play on both platforms. I’m not sure if this works outside of Microsoft’s first party games, but most first party titles available on both platforms are Xbox Play Anywhere games


ok, after some googling any game which says " Xbox play anwhere " are inerhcnabale

Downloading forza 7 now. On a 80mb connection it’s downloading at 200kbps ??

Fluctuating between 1mb and 30mb when it should be 70mb minimum

Far too many variables in play to assess why it’s downloading so slow without being able to run some diagnostics on your network myself, unfortunately.

A few things you can do:

  • run a speed test
  • if on WiFi, check if you’re connected to 2.4ghz or 5ghz WiFi
  • rule out wireless interference with an Ethernet cable
  • check Xbox for any server related issues
  • check your isp for any congestion within their network
  • check your own network for possible congestion from other devices downloading a lot of data
  • check for any possible quality of service or traffic management policies that might be in play either with your ISP or with your router.

Based on the additional info you just added, if you’re on WiFi, at a guess those speeds are indicative of being connected to a 2.4ghz network. Xbox does no band steering, so the only way to mitigate that is to give your 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks each a different name and force your Xbox to connect only to the 5ghz network.

Set up some kind of CQM in your network, to rule out possible network related issues in the future.


Thanks :pray:
I always have it hard wired. It seems to have started going considerably faster now

If I have to keep it on overnight it’ll turn off when finished right ?

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That’s great! Out of interest, who is your ISP? If you’re on a budget friendly ISP selling you unlimited bandwidth on a possibly oversubscribed network, these slower speed fluctuations are part and parcel of the service, unfortunately.

Might be worth you setting up one of these in order to rule out and make it easier to identify possible congestion.

Also run a test here too. It’ll identify if your network is susceptible to buffer bloat which can ruin online gaming experiences. They also have a line quality test you can run too.

Assuming you have your Xbox set to auto switch off from being idle, it’ll power down whilst it’s downloading if the console has been left idle. If it’s set to instant on, it should continue to download whilst in standby, if not, it will resume next time you turn it on.

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BT infinity 2
Always been very fast for me

This made me laugh


Ok thanks I’ve set it to power off after 1hr of inactivity

Ah right I understand, the Download should continue even when the Xbox is in stand by

BT do no traffic management or throttling, which is great, but also no traffic priority as standard, which isn’t always so great, at least for real-time services such as gaming, but you might be able to do your own from your router’s interface.

BT operate their network on a best-effort basis, so it can become subject to congestion or contention (much like running water, where the more people on your street turn on their taps, the less water pressure you get), which to avoid, you’d need an ISP that aims for no contention within their network with a promise to not oversubscribe. Those aren’t cheap, but pricing is competitive with BT’s more expensive broadband only packages.


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