Windows 10 May Update

Anyone checking this out?

It looks like there are some welcome UI improvements.

Sidenote: I still very much want a Surface Book :grinning:




These are welcome


I’m looking forward to this becoming available on my laptop.

I recently switched from Mac to Windows for my work laptop and have been pleasantly surprised. Windows 10 feels very modern compared to my Mac.


I agree. I am retired now but have both a Mac and a W10 machine as there are functionality elements in each that I prefer over the other. Pivot tables being an example. R-

I’ve had a Surface Book. It was an amazing thing, except the latch was a bit temperamental. Maybe a Gen 1 issue.

Anyway, the reason I just had and the reason I’ll never go back to Windows is that the computer was getting slowish so I decided to do a system reset (had no important files or anything). Well, it got as far as uninstalling the current system and formatting the disk when it threw up an error and ended in a bootloop. In this state it didn’t want to recognise its base as a valid input method so had no way to get into BIOS. Had to go up to uni, download a copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft, unplug one of their keyboards to use with the Surface. And even though the licence is tied to the hardware it no longer recognised it…

Needless to say it was impossible to get in touch with MS support. The whole experience was just atrocious

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That sounds awful @ndrw - bad luck. On the other hand I recently frizzed a motherboard on a 7yo Dell running W10. Managed to find another mb and a clever person to put it in. Then found that nothing would run. Tried a call to MS support who quickly established that my profile (whatever that is) had become corrupted. After three phone calls (at their expense) lasting in total about 6 hours all was working again. They created another profile and moved everything over. Might have been lucky with having an Office 365 subscription - but for £6pm a good result for me I’d say. R-

I converted from Windows to Mac in 2017 and would never go back.

Quicker boot up. No/minimal errors or issues.

Suppose that’s why it costs a premium over a Windows laptop


I’m quite frankly over all laptops. The new Macs are just as crap as most windows devices, especially with the backlight and keyboard issues. I just use my iPad now and only turn on the MacBook when I need to move files to hardware storage options

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iPad only? There is a great article on MacStories about a guy who is iPad only, loads of great stuff there (I am headed down this route myself in a year or so once i can afford that nice big shiny iPad Pro!)

Hm, sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the article?

Yeah should’ve done that when I replied! Here you go…

Might not all be applicable but the guy knows his stuff.

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Whilst I have a laptop and am being given another by work, I kind of agree there. There was a time when laptops were reasonably easy to repair, but that has all but been designed out. Buying a laptop that you can’t add more RAM or bigger HD space to seems like a poor investment.

If you can build your own desktop for the home, that you can easily upgrade and repair, that’ll give you a good few years of reliable service. You can share files pretty easily through Office 365 between a number of devices too.

I’m just not using any sort of traditional computer anymore. No desktop or laptop, only when I really must read/write physical media

I have Office 365 and 1TB of storage with that. It’s got a 256GB SSD but any files that don’t fit can be streamed on demand with OneDrive so I’ve never had any issues. I don’t even use half of the 256GB now compared to almost filling a 1TB HDD in my old desktop. I’ve got certain folders marked to stay offline as I may need them but for the rest it works nicely.


I installed the May update last night. I didn’t get offered it through Windows Update so used the Upgrade Assistant instead.

No install problems to report. it took a while to install inside windows but the reboot part of the install took less than 10 minutes. I haven’t played with it much apart from the new cortana-less search but it seems like a nice incremental update.

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You’re doing better than the Conservatives, then. They’ve been trying to install that for months :joy::joy:


Well, it seems like they’ll be uninstalling it soon…

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