Will Mondo work like, or in tandem with AI like Cleo?

(Jonathon) #1

I’m curious about AI platforms such as www.meetcleo.com and whether, once Mondo is a full bank offering current accounts, this is something they would be looking into doing internally or perhaps by allowing us to give read-only access to platforms like this.

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

I’ve asked Cleo about this and it looks like they are planning something

Since the Mondo API’s open, Cleo should be able to start pulling Mondo user’s data into their app / chat bot (once you’ve given the authorisation, obviously) whenever they’re ready…

(Jonathon) #3

I wonder if Mondo are planning something internally? Their search functions are similar in terms of the output but different in terms of user input.

(James Billingham) #4

I’d prefer Mondo to not do something like this directly - I’d consider it fairly out-of-scope for the mid-term future.

But in any case, that’s what the API is for. Cleo can support Mondo without Mondo doing any additional work :slight_smile:


I can’t find the thread now but someone from Cleo posted awhile ago asking whether if they were to integrate people would use it.

Edit: Here it is

(barney) #6

Hey guys! One half of Cleo here. :slight_smile:

@tom was gracious enough to give me some advice back in ~Feb and we briefly talked about an integration. Possibly whitelisting us for a few of you guys to try would be cool. I think they have some more work to do before their ready to fully open up the API though.

Congrats on the license @tom and team - you guys are really nailing it! Mondo > Number26 :wink:

(Kal Mba) #7

That would be quite interesting as Mondo does show a spending graph and it could work quite well with Cleo.

@barney Have you guys reached out to N26? :slight_smile:


I’ve had a couple of chats with you via the chat function in Cleo. Great service you guys are setting up, looking forward to Mondo integration in future.

(barney) #9

No :slight_smile: - probably should be careful what I say! :wink:

(barney) #10

Thanks Chris, much appreciated! :raised_hands:

(Kal Mba) #11

Ohhh @barney now your just teasing :wink:

(Angela Stephen) #12

I’d personally prefer Mondo to build their own AI assistant, ideally with integration wth Facebook Messenger, Twitter and over time, Amazon Echo (whenever it gets launched here). Its okay to build an AI but what about the contextual hand off to an agent? For a consumer, this is critical when building an AI assistant IMHO.

I tried Cleo and very quickly stopped as you can clearly see its still very much in early stages of design so definitely not for me until it gets MUCH better. My company builds AI assistants across multiple verticals so happy to help you guys @mondo if you’re interested in seeing the ‘art of the possible’.


I disagree, as @tom said, Mondo should try and focus on perfecting the current account and being the centre of all your finances. Other things, other people can make and integrate it to Mondo using the API and can focus on perfecting their product. You’ve stopped using Cleo since it’s still in early stages. AI is hard work, and I can assure you that if Mondo tries to do it aswell, it won’t turn out to be better.

(Angela Stephen) #14

I never said AI was easy, its definitely not but my experience with Cleo was very frustrating so until they get it up to speed, I would not consider using it again, no matter if it did have integration with Mondo.

(Saveen) #15

Amazon Echo launches over here in 2 weeks time it seems! £149.99 (with a short-term discount for Amazon Prime subscribers who pre-order).

“The Dot will cost £49.99 and can be bought at a discount if ordered as part of a six-pack or 12-pack. It will be released on 20 October.”

(Bruce) #16

Have been using cleo recently, quite like, if only to remind me on a Monday how bad my weekend spending was. Think an integration would be good, however wonder the number of people that would use it. Speaking to a lot of people in start up world, Cleo is great, but it’s something extra you have to remember on top of everything else.

(Gergely Imreh) #17

Any thoughts on adding integration to Cleo, now that there are current accounts on Monzo? It would close a gap, would be really great to manage all things together. Still have some “legacy” bank accounts that I cannot get rid of yet, and the Cleo’s “upcoming bills” and other holistic financial tracking would complement Monzo’s finance features, IMHO.

(Mark Edmonds) #18

+1 for Cleo compatibility.


Sorry to necro a thread but I’d love to see Cleo arriving to monzo. It was quite a nice idea on my other accounts prior to going full monzo but I felt Cleo’s useage was diminished by the slow transaction speed of legacy banks. The best things about monzo would really allow Cleo to shine in my mind.

(Ben Green) #20

Unless it’s gotten a whole lot more intelligent over the past year I would hate having to chat to Cleo.

Last time I tried using it there wasn’t any guidance as to what commands it expects to see and it’s not intelligent enough to understand natural language commands. This lead to me getting so frustrated with it that I asked it’s support service to put me through to a human and it couldn’t even understand that! Even one word commands weren’t effective.

The sweet spot would be if it could understand my natural language commands. I doubt any AI is that advanced yet though. As a compromise, I like how Chip and Plum give command prompts with every interaction.

TL;DR Please, Monzo don’t integrate with Cleo until you feel the interaction is intuitive.