Cleo is now an app

(Simon B) #1

…And not just a chatbot.

Thoughts? Does this mean bots aren’t a sustainable model?

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(Tom ) #2

Cleo gets a big yikes form me

(Splodf) #3

That’s fairly disastrous. Cleo’s response is its a all female writing team and they’ve removed the line immediately, it’s definitely missed the mark.

Some of the male responses on that Twitter thread are frankly frightening.

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(Tom ) #4

Yeah horrific

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(Simon B) #5

Yikes indeed. Is nobody reviewing the language that makes it into production?

(Tom ) #6

As @Codf said their justification was it is an all female writing team ans that they didn’t realise that it had a bad meaning …

(Sam) #7

Just been trying to sign up through the app (never used the Facebook Messenger app) and it seems to be broken when connecting a Monzo account. I click the magic email link in Outlook and it redirects me to Messenger (I presume that is the flow from when Cleo was Messenger only). Not sure if this needs work from Cleo or Monzo, but it’s not currently working.


Apparently they’re looking into it via Twitter. Cleo that is.

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(Simon) #9

Mine is broke (understatement) I can’t press buttons. Well I can but they go in the chat and just have a tick and aren’t actually responded to.
If I then type the same thing manually cleo responds how it should
Also it withdrew my wallet to undefined - undefined :flushed:
And as yet I haven’t received a response from contact link (which is pretty tricky to find via app - I ended up googling)
Don’t think I’ll be keeping it


Why is an all female writing team something for them to brag about? Sounds very sexist.

(Simon) #11

Thought I’d post my efforts in trying to get help. It amused me. Especially when I cried at the end.

(Harry) #12

I tried Cleo and couldn’t stand it, it’s a useless app and it took me AGES to get them to remove my account completely. I won’t be going near them again.

(Nick Slade) #13

I’ve just gone into my profile and clicked ‘Delete my account’. I had an email 2 mins later saying all of my data had been deleted.

Is there more you had to do for this?


Gives me Plum flashbacks. :neutral_face:

Think I’ll give it a pass. Having to chat to an ‘AI’ bot to find out simple info is annoying and this one seems to have been written to act annoyingly childish.


I didn’t like it when it wasn’t an app, reading here, I’m not going to like it as an app.

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If anybody wants to check out the app please help to bump me up :smiley: - in return you jump the queue!

Hi there! Use my VIP Access code in the Cleo app, to jump the waitlist

(Jack Stride) #17

Does the £5 referral work for the app too?
I have that one to get £5 in messenger but can’t find one for the app

(mark) #18

Are BOT’s a sustainable model? Good question @simonb. What Cleo have done is move their BOT user interface into an app. - so it’s still a BOT UI - which people don’t have to learn because they use messaging apps all the time.
I think the question is whether the Facebook Messenger platform based BOT’s are a sustainable model. Probably not if you want to scale. Moving from FB Messenger to an app has lots of advantages - primarily you control the infrastructure (FB Messenger isn’t secure yet and the recent FB downtime is an example of infrastructure dependency).
A BOT/app solution is sustainable if the product meets the user need (which is why people will return) - e.g. to automate your saving.
The BOT conversation interface is the shop window and is difficult to get right. Cleo clearly have not got the tone right (fully consensual - really?) and Plum has also done a disappointing version of this with a daily balance update (my guess is they do this because the FB rules say they need to contact their subscriber every day not because I need to know it).
The challenge is to change behaviour rather than just replicate bricks & mortar bank functionality. Given that talking about money is emotional, I think the chatBOT interface can make it less painful to digest difficult information (see the ‘roast me’ Cleo function which shows me my 7 biggest purchases etc. :scream: with amusing animated gif’s). What do you think?

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