Will frequent small transfers to my Monzo account cause the account to be frozen?

Until my benefit comes into my new Monzo account next month, I transfer a little bit of money ( £30 ) now and again from my Barclays to Monzo, is this ok ?

Do what you want, it’s your account. There’s no minimum


That shouldn’t be a problem - that’s how I started using Monzo too, before making it my main account.


I’d be curious to hear what prompted you to ask the question, in case we can resolve any broader concerns (& also move your question to it’s own post to help others find the info) :bulb:


@redshift s post where he said " It suggests that their English speaking and comprehension isn’t great and that they are the most likely to be transferring large amounts between family members, countries and so on that looks potentially suspicious to an automated system "


Got it, thanks :raised_hands: for context, Redshift’s post was this one.

You’re unlikely to get a concrete answer to that question I’m afraid as Monzo can’t share the rules that they use to detect fraud. But obviously those rules are designed as carefully as possible to try to avoid flagging legitimate activity. There’s more critieria than just the number of transfers, amount & where the money’s coming from.

Ultimately if your account is frozen, you’ll be asked to complete further verification & you should generally have no problem proving that what you’re doing is legitimate. This is the same process that any bank would ask you to complete.

Personally I trust Monzo to understand the urgency of resolving these kinds of situations so in the worst case scenario, if it were to happen to me, this is where I’d choose for it to happen :slight_smile:


Nice one thanks :slight_smile:

Asking a few questions just so i get the hang of things until my benefits come in next month


Been using Monzo.me to transfer little bits each week as and when i need it and seems to work great. Is it Ok for me to transfer money to myself via Monzo.me ?

Beginning of next month I will receive my allowance from my advocate for the whole month straight into monzo

Been using Monzo for over a week now and very impressed all round.

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In my opinion
Using it the way you are until you get paid monthly via bank transfer shouldn’t be an issue, Ideally the feature wasn’t designed to be used this way but I can’t see anything wrong with this as a work around until the other method is working for you.

Pleased to hear Monzo impresses you, I find it’s much better than my old bank :slight_smile:


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