How would Monzo detect suspicious activity vs Genuine activity? Query!

Hi! So I posted something similar last week but as I have now since opened a current account with Nationwide and plan to chuck most of my Personal Independence Payment in there, what behaviour will it take for Monzo to freeze a bank card?

I just recently today sent £100 to my Mum (live on family roof), sent £57 to my Nationwide Account and bought cards off Amazon for over £5.

Any other time I spend a large amount of money on payday Monzo doesn’t freeze my debit…

What things would happen things looked suspicious, compared to a genuine user like me.

Obviously if I sent over £500 PIP to Nationwide then something wouldn’t look right, but I have setup a standing order of £100 per week…

Anyone’s thoughts??

The same as the other thread I’d imagine - what you are saying above is probably similar to how many people use the card.

I appreciate on there you noted you had a condition which caused anxiety, but I would say try not to worry too much. If you were really concerned you could ask in-app but be prepared that it’s very unlikely they’ll tell you this, because everyone would do the opposite then.

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You’ll be fine with those transfers.

You’d likely need to be in the thousands per day to trigger anything so try not to worry.

If you head to Help in the app, and then search Contact Support, and ask for the vulnerability team or search Share With Us ( there will be training colleagues who can answer all the questions you may have, and help put your mind at ease instead of us here on the community not knowing all the answers and getting mixed responses.


Just use you account as intended, nothing to worry about.

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I have autism, which yes makes me over think and such. I won’t dive too much into that though.

I’m just confused as to why my debit card had been locked when I’ve had similar spending habits in the past.

I will get PIP fully transferred to Nationwide soon so this hopefully, won’t happen again…

Bit of a panic moment when I had seen the Monzo card was frozen, thought my account was frozen.

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It should be noted that there is a forum rule that prevents discussion or speculation of Monzo’s fraud detection system.

Otherwise I might give a detailed (speculative) reply. However for here I will say simply, a normal person using their card normally should not have anything to worry about.

I am autistic too by the way, so I completely the very strong desire to know everything about it. But for obvious reasons, the details of how they detect and prevent fraud are secret.


Yeah, fair enough.

I’m just very confused though. Why freeze a bank card but not the whole account temporarily?

I won’t disclose any further details but I’m just confused.

Best thing to do is follow the advice above to contact Monzo in-app, and they’ll be able to answer your query better than anyone here can.

Yeah I will, I’ve also been told it’s against forum rules to discuss or speculate internal systems.


Are you sure your card was frozen? Maybe it just stopped working for a bit for some reason?

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I’m gonna give this a shot, because I was a little distressed earlier when my Monzo cars had been temporarily disabled.

As an Autistic person, with no paid job as of right now on PIP it would be really disheartening if something happened.

Yeah I seen the ice form on the Monzo card icon in the app when a transaction on Amazon was complete.

Ah, that most likely means you accidentally pressed the ‘freeze card’ button :see_no_evil:

If your account were frozen for fraud, it wouldn’t look like that, it would just stop working.


Very weird because I was doing my Pots…

It could be a misclick but I was on the Monzo pots screen.

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I froze my account once in error. No idea how I did it but I think it’s easily done. As others have suggested that’s probably what you did.

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I had an Amazon transaction go through and then with my own eyes seen the card freeze in eyes.

It could be what everyone suggested or some weird fluke on the Monzo end.

Thankfully I’m innocent.

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