Widget - Daily spend


I use a widget to track various “key performance indicators” of my daily life… for example - activity, dietary intake etc

I think an iOS widget which shows daily spend so far that day on the home screen of my phone would be a great way to remain conscious of spending and improve money management!

Seems like this could be done easily, are you planning any widgets?


Don’t even have widgets on Android, so don’t hold ya breath on getting anything new for an iPhone

This widget? It doesn’t update very well, but it does exist. It might not be available any more, though.

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Yes still available. It’s only for the Today View page, not available as a general home screen widget.

It does have problems updating and I prefer not to use it, it will cause you to say ‘how have I spent X today’ only to log in and find you haven’t, that was several days ago.

Really needs an update.

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Voted. I’d love for Monzo to update this and make it a true iOS 15 widget. So it could go onto the Home Screen.

Next level would be to choose options such as day by day trends, balance, etc.