Re-write the widget to Swift UI for home screen use

Love the widget. Would love to be able to stick it on my Home Screen so it actually becomes useful!

I’ll add a bit to this as well as I love the idea was about to create a whole new thread;
Possible homescreen widgets;

  • 1x1 - Show single selected Pot / current account balance
  • 1x2 - Show the balance / spent today widget as current
  • 2x2 - List of (unhidden) pots and their balances / saving progress for pots with a goal amount
  • 2x2 - List of last X transactions made / upcoming

There’s loads of potential with the new home screen widgets

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Yeah I agree. I think if Monzo is going to have to re-write it anyway it would be great to get some more options. I’d like to see my last three latest transactions for example