Why would I use this?

Even if I agree with what you are saying, which I don’t as I think you are
possibly being extremely thin skinned as you could of spoken to the
individual instead of flagging the post. (You did not answer me when I made
this point the first time so I’ll ask it again.)

It’s all about being confident. I think if people were more confident they
would not let throw away comments impact them. Things like that happen in
life, in which we all at some point in our life find certain things
offensive or unfair. It’s how you deal with it that counts.

P.S. Remember as bad as it gets you’re still a white male so you still have
a born privilege that most don’t have. What I mean by that is don’t worry
about the little things just keep your eyes on the big picture. :slight_smile:


I agree it’s not a comment I would use but I understand why the phase was used. As it’s true Android users are hard done by but I digress.

I feel people generally are too quick to be offended about things when sometimes a little step back and a bit of understanding works wonders.


Wait, is that not the topic? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Not quite… :laughing:

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Zero fees. None what so ever. That is why there is no mention of them.

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How do they manage that ?? As the overseas banks charge to use the ATM… which is what my bank card picks up the fee.

So do monzo pay the ATM costs ??

Will test soon and report.

Instead of messaging all offending users individually, I’m gonna be more efficient. Please read the guidelines for appropriate conduct in the community - https://community.monzo.com/guidelines then judge your previous comments based upon those guidelines. Are they worthy of being flagged for failure to abide by those guidelines?

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OK so sorry to report thats not factual. Will get this down while its mostly fresh in my head.

Loaded some cash to the account via my debit card ready to pull cash. I also opened my local banks app, and it listed the GBP exchange rate as 42.63117 buy and 45.91625 sell. It should be noted those are bank note cash exchange rates and looking into the web platform for my local bank I get 43.65125 on telegraphic transfers (what I currently do). XE currently has the rate at 43.91462 I will guess that as the midpoint interbank.

First ATM tried was Siam Commerical Bank… I could get a balance (didnt do any mental arithmetic on what exchange it was giving) but as soon as I said I wanted to take out 1000b there was a screen that this transaction will cost me 200b continue Y/N ?? I said yes continue and after there was a screen offering me my now 1200b withdrawal at 42.15/ GBP !! As this contained both a 200b fee and was worse I cancelled out.

I strongly suspect the bank was being tricky and trying to perform the FX rate at their cash dispensing rate ?? I admit it may be possible to say No and still withdraw cash, getting the Monzo Fx, but I am unsure and the 200b fee was in there anyway.

Next ATM was a government savings bank, I thought as a government bank ATM they maybe less cheaty on Fx tricks I put the card in, Pin seemed accepted, requested 1000b… Seemed to check, said authorization failed and spat the card back out at me.

If Monzo want to pick up my ATM fees, I will happily test every ATM they ask me to… But I dont much feel like spending 200b or 5 quid 10s of times when I have no need to personally. I will see what Bangkok bank and Kasikorn Bank look like and if they also have a 200b fee applied as I try to withdraw.

A quick note on ATM fees here.

When I use my own bank ATM in my home region I withdraw my cash free.
When I use my own banks ATM in another province I pay 20b
When I use any other banks ATM in any province I pay 20b

I am told the inter provincial fee for own bank use has been scrapped or put on hiatus due to the kings death, but as I am in my home province I dont know if thats factual. As with so much with Thai banks conflicting formation and no clarity.

Not sure if I’ve totally understood your scenario here, but the fees are being charged by the ATM operator/bank, not by Monzo. This charge would be levied whatever foreign card you used (I think). Can’t speak to the exchange rate, but did the machines try and charge you in b or £? If you get the ATM to charge £ then you’ll normally get a rubbish rate, whereas if you get charged in b then you get the MasterCard rate.


All, at least in my experience, Thai ATMs charge a fee. This is locally imposed and nothing to do with Monzo.

That was precisely my point… Part of the fees you pay are the ATM banks fee… And at different rates depending on what partnership the card issuer has with that bank. I would pay 20b to use my Kasikorn there.

Yes it looked like Siam Commercial was trying to charge me a GBP rate and exchange fee… This was a cheeky rate too, it was worse than my bank gives me on TT inbounds. As said above I perhaps could have declined it for another screen, but combined with the 200b and the fact I have no need for the cash, I am purely testing the card to report, I didnt feel like paying to do so.

To some people it’s more than just a phrase though. Why is it seen as acceptable to mock red hair? You have as much choice about hair colour as you do the colour of your skin.

Nobody is saying what was said was right or correct. That was not what the issue was about.

“To flag the post instead of having a word over PM is really petty.”

It could of been dealt with slightly differently that’s all.

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So to get this back on topic again, as the whole stereotyping thing seems to keep coming up.

In my experience, and what I’ve read from others experiences,
(Some you can see in the post below)

Tend to reflect that the country and the bank play a large part in what happens. My most recent example, I went to Czech Republic, and used a number of ATM’s some of them said they would charge, some of them said they wouldn’t, and some of them said your bank might charge for the transaction.

All the ones saying they wouldn’t charge, I found I got a better FX rate than the current Google X GBP in CZK
All the ones saying that my bank (Monzo) might charge, I had no charges, and as above got a better FX rate than the current Google X GBP in CZK
Finally All those ones where it said there would be a charge (put on by the foreign ATM), in the same way that some ATM’s in the UK even try to charge me, and in those cases I just thought screw that, and found another one.

I incurred 0 charges when making withdrawals and on average got better than the FX rate from Google and XE :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Just find an ATM that doesn’t charge you (but yeah, I get it’s easier said than done in some countries).:credit_card::euro:


Good response… And I will keep testing Thai and next week Laos ATMs to see what the different machines say. And keep reporting them to here.

Clearly its not as simple as ‘theres no fees… ever’ though… I understand that these are outside of Monzo’s control, banks have charges… My bet is no Thai ATMs will be free to use.

Indeed, what it means is Monzo won’t charge you any fees ever, unlike most other cards which will charge you a % load (or fixed fee), and give you a rubbish rate, on top of whatever the charge is for using a particular ATM (which you may not be able to avoid).

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Thanks all! Closing this thread now to avoid it getting out of hand — but feel free to start new ones to discuss specific bits of this :slight_smile: