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After discovering Monzo via a random mention on a site I frequent (, I decided to take a look and managed to get a ‘Golden ticket’.

My current understanding is that this has allowed me to skip some sort of queue? The app does say that my card has been sent and will be with me by Thursday (although that’s wrong as I don’t go back down to my main address until Friday, but apps can’t read minds so I’ll let you off). This did cost me £100 though… it’s a good job my student loan came through recently.

Now, I don’t like prepaid cards. Can’t stand the things, don’t see the point. I was interested in the current account features, however after reading a bit more, it turns out VERY few people have one from Monzo at the moment, which basically means I just spent £100 on nothing?

Will I be able to withdraw the £100 as soon as the card arrives? I don’t need another prepaid account. Curve works quite well for me.

Having read stuff, it looks like that I’ve no hope of getting access to the current account systems in the near future… when will they be generally available?

Other than that, hi. I’m Liam. I am strongly opposed to emoji. Sorry.


P.S the funky forum software used here could do with some serious improvements to mobile use…

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I think I might be missing a character or 2 there on iOS.

Either that or I’m no better at reading emoji than I was…

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No iOS and won’t try monzo!!

You can withdraw it yeah… but you could also just spend it as you would n give it a try too to see if it’s worth sticking around for the current account. Plus give some feedback. You already made the effort to sign up?

They are starting to transfer over to current accounts and it’s already a proper bank with a licence and all that legal jazz.


Yeah, I just read the terms and conditions (I have a habit of doing that after agreeing to them), and the list of zeros in the charges table is encouraging.

However, it doesn’t really add much benefit to my FlexOne account, with the burden of having to top it up now and then.

Is it a contactless card? It doesn’t actually say that anywhere. If not, then that’s a major drawback…

Also, I used to be very Android only… and I still have Android apps on Google Play. iOS just integrates better with my Mac for my programming :‌).



Yes it is a contactless card (both the prepaid card and the current account card are)


Thanks. The terms didn’t make any mention of that, and always mentioned using a PIN in conjunction with making a payment, so it was fairly ambiguous.



The prepaid card was a stop-gap solution to have a minimum viable product out sooner as well as test the market to see if people would actually be interested in a Monzo current account (building a banking stack from scratch and clearing regulatory hurdles isn’t easy so I suspect they wanted to make sure enough people would be interested before going through with it).

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For someone who makes a habit of reading terms and conditions you sure didn’t read up on Monzo before signing up!


Instead of just withdrawing the money, try the card with a few purchases. Check out the app on your phone, see if you like the general idea of it, as the app is similar to the current account one. Maybe you will like it and want to hang around for the current account.

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Morning Liam - Monzo sounds like it will be ideal for you if you splash out £100 on any old thing that you don’t seem to have much of a clue what it does along with having a dislike of pre paid cards , when it’s a pre paid card with a customer support base that loves emoji and use them a lot - it will perhaps however give you a chance of understanding what you’re spending your money on if you stick with it for a couple of months until the full current account roll out :slight_smile:

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What’s the point? Well, that will very much depend on what you’re looking for I’m afraid.

Are you unhappy with your current bank, do you think it could do more for you?
Do you like getting instant notifications for any payments you make? Sending money directly to other Monzo users with ease? Even non-monzo users easily sending money to you via Setting your own spending targets? Filter and group transactions easily?
Do you travel often and would like a card you can use abroad that is likely to have 0 charges and tracks your spending too?
Do you like a bank that is transparent about lots of its decisions and takes on boards user feedback to improve the service?
How about really great customer support?
You mention programming above. Would you like a bank that has an API that you can utilise?
Interested in what the roadmap looks like?

I’m not trying to sell Monzo. This is just my experience so far. If you don’t feel like these or a number of other reasons, not even including features specific to the current account is enough to make use of Monzo. Then to put it simply, don’t. You should use only whatever bank works best for you. Obviously we’d still like you to get on board with Monzo and see what you think :wink:

Monzo have mentioned that they aim to roll out the current account to all existing customers by the end of the year. So I can’t imagine the wait would be much longer for yourself.


Actually, yes, instant notifications are something I liked with Curve

The only thing that pissed me off with my current ‘bank’ (it’s a building society) is that they always have maintenance over the weekend, which basically locks you out of online banking. It’s a pain in the arse, to say the least.

My current bank has no charges for international usage, so that’s a moot point ;‍)

That’s a real plus. Oh, they use Trello. Another plus.

That sounds interesting… will have to take a look at that.

The problem is that I’m exceptionally impatient, however I’ll be starting back at university next week, so I’m sure the time will fly by :‍)



No it didn’t. You placed £100 on the card that you can withdraw immediately at an ATM if you don’t like the concept, which you clearly don’t.

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