Why is there a red dot next to account? (Android)

I am on Android. In the bottom bar with icons, next to “Account” there is a small red dot, as if there is something that I need to check. Yet going through everything in account tab there is nothing new.

How can I find out, why there is a red dot?

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My best guess is it is related to the “golden ticket” promotion. Is there also a red dot on that tab next to an option?

No red dots on the account page.
Gifting golden tickets is on the payments page without any red dots.

This is affecting me too. Recently the app seemed to re-initialise itself - I had to re-log in to it. I’m wondering whether this is related… did you have that too?

Do you have contacts turned on in the Payments tab?

I have contacts in payments tab… But also why would anything on the payments tab matter?! The dot is next to the account tab.

Do you have labs enabled? I’m on iOS but to me it looks like a notifications of some kind and only thing I can think off is maybe notifying you of a new feature in labs?

It might be because of the new Monzo Maps :grin:

See if the dot clears after opening your maps (assuming your on a Beta version of the app that is :eyes:)

I was not in Beta. Enrolled into beta, checked map, red dot was still there, left beta, reinstalled stable app, logged in, red dot is gone…

So I guess we will never find out what it meant.

It is a notification of a golden ticket I believe. I could be wrong, but I’ve seen it in the past.

I think it has to do with pots. after trying to create pot and adding money to an existing pot, it went away

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