Adding notes to pot transactions on Android


I quite often pay for things and then withdraw the money from a pot. I tend to label them both so that I can easily visually reconcile them when I’m scrolling through my summary.

The problem is, unlike the payment, which shows my note underneath, the pots don’t because there’s already a Monzo note saying added to or withdrawn from pot.

Could the adding and withdrawing be denoted in the icon instead please so that I can see my note? This would also help as I can’t click on a pot to see its summary


You can still add your own notes, which will overwrite the Monzo “Withdrawn from pot” text

No, it didn’t, that’s why I raised this.

Ah. I’ve just done it.


Are you on the latest app?

Yep, using Android.

Ah ok. Would be useful to mention that. Have adjusted post title to reflect.

This works in iOS but not Android.

That’s not quite right though is it? I assume you’re using IOS and if so, then actually, I should report a bug shouldn’t I? But the idea could still stand on its own for IOS and Android? After all, once it does work you can’t easily see (unless you’ve tagged it also) whether it was added or withdrawn

You can. Green is withdrawn from pot, black is added.

Also Android user. Tested this by moving £1 out of a pot, then creating a note. Feed item still shows “Withdrawn from pot” rather than the note. So can confirm note doesn’t overwrite Monzo text.

Edited to add:

I wrote notes for both actions (along the lines of “Testing withdrawal from pot”/“Testing adding to pot”), but in both cases this didn’t affect the message displayed. Even tried stopping and restarting the app.

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Ah, fair point, hadn’t looked at that. Does that work for people who are colour blind?

Thanks @HoldenCarver

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When I posted this I hadn’t spotted that it had been raised before:

@HughWells is this still considered a design feature please?

I would say so, yes.

I guess ideally you’d like it to read “Withdrawn/Added from/to pot” by default, until a note is added? :slight_smile:

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@HughWells exactly. Like a previous comment on the other thread mentioned (sorry, mobile can’t look it up), I thought it used to work that way

@HughWells I’d be happy with the logo having some kind of arrow indicating a withdrawal or a deposit - I’m thinking along the lines of phone calls on my mobile i.e. call received/call made.

This would then leave the notes to be added if required.

Or a combination of this and what you said :wink:

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To add in here (again), on iOS you still can’t change the notes attached to a Faster Payment after it’s taken place - either inbound or outbound.

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