The blue dot

Its been suggested that I put this up in the community pages, so here goes!

Do you know what the blue dot means on a transaction?

If you do then great, if you don’t then it means that the payment/s are pending as the company or organisation you’ve spent money with hasn’t yet collected their money.

Trying to find the explanation for the blue dot wasn’t easy and neither was the explanation and it could be much clearer.

The last line of the explanation Under pending transactions in the help section on the app is:
“So we put a note on the transaction to let you know” there’s not a mention of a blue dot and no note.

So I guess the reason for putting it here is to gather support to change the help pages to what the blue dot is for and the ensure that the explanation fits the query or question!

What do you all think?

Can honestly say I have never seen a blue dot on a transaction? I have a few pending too and no dot on them


Baffled. Could you post a screen shot (remove any personal info, crop as appropriate etc) to give an example?

It’s not round-ups is it?

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Have to say I thought it was indicating Roundups. R-

That’s a good shout I didn’t think of that!

@Jmp3 Does your round ups pot have a blue picture?

Do you mean this?


No it’s not on transactions in my pots. I can’t use my cards as they are not linked in to my pots.


@Jmp3 - you may want to remove those personal ID references - phone number etc…?

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No it’s not round ups. As they are some transactions that have gone into my roundup pot that don’t have a dot.


Sure attached


Ok - but the oddity of mine is that the difference between pending and the number of dots doesn’t match!


I’m not arguing with you but the man from Monzo said that they were pending transactions.

Who do I believe?


Well as several people have said it I’m guessing the person who replied to me has potentially got it wrong!


I was simply suggesting you remove your personal details. You’re welcome ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi John

Reiterating @Demmedelusive

Unless a mod gets to it first, I suggest removing your email signature from that comment



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Hi there! As this is a public forum, I’ve removed your email signature for privacy.


What is the image on your roundup pot?

Roundups only occur when there is something over £1.00, just to note. And anything that is already a round number won’t (just as an example the National Lottery you are only spending £5, £10 etc, so you won’t get a roundup for that).

I think if your roundup pot’s image is that blue/green colour you can be sure it’s a roundup.

They are definitely round ups. Did he tell you to post here?

Tap on one that has the dot, does it have this?


Definitely roundup. If you look at the value part of the transaction line that has a blue dot you will see ROUNDUP in tiny letters underneath the numbers and, as has been said, it will be a whole rounded number. R-