Header on payments tab on android

I searched but couldn’t find anything about this, but the top bar of the payments tab is really confusing and not a great user experience.

It permanently has a 1 there for the golden ticket invite (which isn’t used anymore really) but it looks like I have a notification there, when in actual fact, it’s nothing. There’s already a golden ticket link at the bottom of the page so once I’ve read the top notification, I don’t see why it permanently is showing a 1 - in all apps, that’s a notification icon so immediately I think there’s something new when there isn’t.

The add a contact link - I have absolutely zero idea why I want to add a contact through Monzo. There may be a benefit but it doesn’t mention it in the app. But I still don’t see why someone would add a contact through the Monzo app instead of direct through your normal contacts

Finally, the search. It’s not clear exactly what it’s searching. If you want to add someone, you do it via the golden ticket route. If you want to pay someone who already has monzo, there’s the carousel in the middle of the screen.

I’ve just logged into my ipad app, and it’s a lot clearer what everything is and doesn’t have the golden ticket notification permanently there (you can still add a contact and I still have no idea why :slight_smile: ) so looks like these are mainly android issues