Spending analytics improvements

Spending analytics under the “Summary” tab need a lot of work. See two examples below…

1. Transactions that have been split
My girlfriend and I are always splitting bills- food shops, meals out etc.
So if I’ve paid for something and then split the bill, why is my spending Summary still showing me the full transaction value, rather than the split portion that I actually paid for.

2. Transactions that have been marked as "excluded"
Another gripe I have is that transactions that I’ve asked be excluded e.g. money I’ve moved from one of my pots, to my current account, and then into investments (external to Monzo) still show up in the Summary. For example, it’s showing I spent £14k in March and that’s just completely wrong.

Monzo advertises the ability to understand where you’re spending your money as a key benefit of banking with them but, as it stands, they’re a still far off delivering that.

Anyone else agree / have other examples of scenarios that render Summary inaccurate?