Why is Santander rejecting my switch?

Can anyone tell me why Santander have rejected my switch for the 2nd time? I called them yesterday after being told by Monzo that it was rejected and I made sure my address was correct (they did need to add my flat number in), but it’s rejected it again as of this afternoon? Very frustrating!

The only thing I can think of is that there is direct debits due to be taken in the next 24 hours - could that be a reason?


Speak to Santander :man_shrugging:t3:


What did they say when you called them yesterday?

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Direct debits being due wouldn’t cause switch issues. The switch would complete as normal

What would happen with the direct debits can be a bit of mystery as one time I switched with a DD due on my switch date and was assured it would be taken from my new account. It wasn’t

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It’s not a joint account at Santander? These will get rejected from Joint to Sole switch

I’d recommend speaking to Santander too.

None of us will know the answer so you’re just going to get lots of guesses. Like this one…

Perhaps it’s because you’re in an overdraft.

As a selection of Monzo customers, we’re really not best placed to advise on why Santander did anything! Talking to Santander is probably your only course of action here.

Thanks all - as of yesterday when I called they said my address didn’t have my flat number saved so they changed that and no other reason was given for it to reject a 2nd time… I’m not in an overdraft nor a joint account. Only asking on this forum incase anyone had experienced similar issues and had an idea why… I obviously knew to check with Santander but thanks for all pointing that out too lol!


I guess it seems so unlikely that they wouldn’t give you a reason that it almost automatically leads to the assumption that you can’t have asked! Sorry if it comes across as a negative.

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Not much help but once I tried to switch from one bank to another ( can’t remember what ones)

Switch kept failing, they were insistent that the address didn’t match.

They did as I confirmed twice with both banks.

In the end I ended up switching the account elsewhere and it worked.

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