My switch AWAY from Monzo has been rejected. Why?

I am trying to switch away from Monzo to Nationwide. Just had a message to say Monzo have rejected my switch but my phone has no chat feature to help.

Can anyone help?!

Nobody here can help you.

You’ll have to speak to Monzo, either by phone, chat or email (

Did you give the correct details?

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How did they send you the message?

Do you have a loan or an overdraft in negative?

Do you have a joint account as well?


Search ‘contact us’ in the help section

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I’ve had switches (non-Monzo related) rejected before because my address was incorrect - long story short, I applied for a mortgage with NatWest. That didn’t go through for various reasons but a year later (after I had moved house with a different mortgage provider) I tried to current account switch to NatWest and it failed because even though I entered my new address into the account submission form, which matched the address on the account I was switching from, somehow the address from the old mortgage application overrode the address I entered and the switch failed for the details not matching.