Why has chat been withdrawn? And a promised communication fail to happen

I tried to ask about extending my ATM allowance and, understanding that making regular payments could do that, I asked if my last payment could count as my first such payment.
A representative contacted me, was unable to help and said I would be contacted.
That hasn’t happened
And I can no longer find any way to communicate with Monzo.
Disappointing to say the least…


Search contact us in the help section to access chat

You get a larger ATM allowance by paying in £500 or more to your Monzo account, and provided you pay at least one direct debit from it, every 35 days. Both conditions must be met.

How long have you been waiting?

When the specialist gets to looking at your case, you’ll receive a notification of their reply and you can then continue the conversation.

Last time i waited for a Specialist it was between 12-24 hours before i got a response, however the reasons for contacting may be different (If that helps in any way) :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for your swift reply.
I wonder if you know…does the direct debit have to have a minimum monthly value.

And thanks to all.
I’ve been waiting for more than a week.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to navigate to chat, or has that possibility been withdrawn?

No. A Penny will do.


It isn’t possible to navigate to it if Monzo have hidden it from you, but you can search for it.

Yet another customer having difficulty since Monzo deliberately hid the contact button. Madness! It would be nice to get some comment from Monzo on whether they are taking all this feedback on board.


They want you to use the ‘self help’ section before going through to them. All businesses are doing it these days, reduces the amount of contacts

Yes but that was also the case before, a little tedious. But now I cannot find a chat option anywhere. Hence reached out on this forum.
Thank you all for your help.

You searched the help section for ‘contact us’ or ‘contacting suport’?

Imagine popping into a branch of Barclays to resolve an issue, only to find all the staff hiding in a back room and the only way to talk to them is to ask some other customers how to find the key.


Popping to a branch of a bank is typically quite a lot of effort! Searching the help section for contact us isn’t that bad.

Many thanks, yes I found it now…

Last time I went into my HSBC branch they asked me to ring up the phone line using their red phone. Could have done that from home…

Do you have a red phone at home, though?


Sadly that was in my more distant past, so admittedly they have that over me