Monzo Customer Service - a bit of a rant

I had an issue back on 20th October with a direct debit for a credit card not going through which resulted in the payment failing. I spoke to Monzo chat where they said the direct debit hasn’t been cancelled, but no further information was supplied. The first person said they were looking into this and just went silent, so I had to call. I ended up raising a complaint and as it was transaction based, it should have been replied to within 15 days.

15 days later and no response to the complaint so I chased. Turned out it looks like the complaint wasn’t raised properly, and i was given immediate permission to raise it with the FOS. It’s now been almost another month since then and I still haven’t heard anything back even though i have chased. I would have thought that as they were already late they would have dealt with it more urgently, but instead it seems they have the view as they are already late, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve decided to raise it with the FOS now as I don’t seem to be able to get a response from Monzo. Even asking for a transcript of the chat apparently has to be raised with someone, but once again I haven’t heard anything back. Tried to call today and I just got a goodbye message.

It seems like all I need is a simple response to the issue which any other bank would have given over the phone. Instead, it has turned out into a long drawn out process of being ignored.

More of a rant than anything else, but really worrying that since October I’ve had no feedback on even the initial issue. Its like customer service is non existent, and all that can be said is that it needs to be raised with another department, which then goes completely quiet.


Still, it must have felt good to write all that down for whatever reason you had for doing it.


I don’t think I’m sure either. :slight_smile: It did feel good getting it down, but also at the same time somewhat unbelievable that things have got this bad. I love the app and features of Monzo, but over the time I’ve been with them customer service has progressively got worse to the point of being non-existent.


The main question from this, how did you pay the missing payment? Did you pay manually with the provider? Because I’ve personally never had a missed payment caused by Monzo. But normally always caused by the provider (the requester)

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Just to save you time, I’ve found phoning Monzo to be a pointless exercise.

Have they given you a final response? As I think you’ll need this if you are to raise with the FOS. Also, please do come back and update us, it would be appreciated.

I’m in agreement regarding the CS within Monzo - it was always weak and it seems to have got progressively worse.

Not to derail too much, but do people get a positive experience. I guess they must but never come here to post it.

Good luck in getting this resolved!


If Monzo have said this can be raised, then it can be.

There are exceptions to needing a final response, in this case I believe Monzo has missed the deadline of five working days for an initial response (‘written acknowledgment’) making it eligible to go straight to FOS.


I paid manually, but it was counted as a late payment because of this issue.

The phone call has basically been the only help I’ve actually got but even then it had to be passed on to another department who also couldn’t help.

While not marked as a final response, the late reply message they sent me mentioned at the bottom that I have 6 months to take it up with the FOS. After speaking with the FOS today, they’re happy to count that as a final response.

I’ve now sent the complaint to the FOS so we’ll see what happens, but it’s not going to be quick.

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Support has been absolutely tanked for a while. I absolutely love Monzo - and haven’t had any issues. Have been with them since 2018. I pray that I never do have an issue, because I think that will be the day I re-evaluate my decisions.

There’s zero excuse for shoddy customer service. It’s even more worrying when you see copy+paste replies, poorly formatted English and clueless questions. It’s not the standard it was years ago, when it was CustOps or whatever it was.

I was lucky enough at the time to get a job interview for a CS Ops job and had a ‘paper sift’ type meeting in Cardiff. Went well but un(fortunately) I never got the job. No idea what’s happened since, but there’s definitely more complaints and bad karma since.


I’ll add to the rant
I raised a complaint with monzo. Their telephone service has deliberately been made unusable until you figure out that you have to lie on the options to get someone to talk to otherwise it hangs up on you. It’s ****ing infuriating.
I’m still waiting for an official response months later. I usually follow up but Monzo have made it so difficult and customer service is so bad I’ve given up, I’ll just take it as a life lesson (which I’m sure is what monzo want)…
Like many on here I’m comparing them with several other financial institutions,and whilst I agree no one likes bots or a “chat service” which is a messenger service with unpredictable delays, and (yes) other banks do the same with their bots, the difference is with others you can easily talk to human (if you’re prepared to hold in many cases).
Any tinpot bank can do simple transactions and any bank can make mistakes, but if they can’t provide a proper customer service (and that includes putting too few CS reps under pressure so they can’t deal with queries which is what I suspect has happened) then they don’t deserve my custom
Rant over.
oh and…
There are victim blaming responses I’ve read in other threads on here. It doesn’t matter if a complaint is considered valid or not, which seems to be the crux of much of the victim blaming, I can only go by the experience I went through when I raised my issue and it was unacceptably poor.


I think it’s fairly balanced on here. There are of course the fanatics who will never hear a bad word said, but if you think it’s bad on here you should’ve seen what Fintech Talk was like whenever anyone dared criticise starling :eyes:

On balance, I see more help than deliberate ignorance but then again maybe I’m lucky!

While I’m absolutely sure there are many great experiences (that we never see because people only tend to post when it’s a complaint, human nature) I agree.

Mainly because of the format. It’s a real bank now and needs to act like one. Chat only, respond when they feel like it may work for some but it’s a considering factor for me and one of the reasons I eventually left.

I never really had bad experiences with Monzo chat, but definitely experienced frustration from slow or inaccurate responses.

I’d really like to see that side of things significantly improve in 24 but I doubt it. Hiring, training, knowledge management, these are all significant outgoings.


I recently missed a payment due to Monzo, but that was Monzo freezing my card on a debit card payment (causing me to miss out on event tickets) and not a direct debit.

Wasn’t particularly happy about it. Especially when the Monzo support response to “I’m also buying tickets for something else the next week, please could you make sure that that transaction goes through?” Was “No, we can’t do that”.

That’s pretty fair in all honesty, there’s no way to guarantee a transaction you haven’t even made yet will go through.

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Not sure which topic i should post in but over the last few days I’ve dealt with customer support, two of which took complete ownership of my case, have been very efficient in responding to my concerns, VERY considerate and supportive.

I know they’re bad in some areas of support (only a few moan here, tiny minority), but without going into detail as to why I had to contact them, it’s been nothing short of amazing.

I can’t thank the folks enough handling my case and the outcome far exceeded my expectations by a million miles.

Never had anything like it with any other bank.

Kudos indeed.


thats good to hear

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I know my issue is off topic but I hope I get an answer with customer service soon.

Pixel Watch has issues with Google Pay and mostly declines payments, whereas my mobile phone works wonders and has a very low chance of asking me to insert the card

I’ve been embarrassed in public enough this week holding up the queue because I have to literally put the card in, just because my Pixel Watch isn’t allowing me to make contactless payments

Monzo say this isn’t reaching their end, but they escalated it to a specialist team anyway, so let’s hope we get somewhere with this.

I’ve already logged out of Monzo, logged in to make a new session, and reset Google Wallet on both of my devices just as an FYI.

Possible this is an Android issue but it was still escalated, so let’s hope we get somewhere.

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Sounds like a watch issue and how the data is sent across to terminal ie replicating the card instead of affirming it’s a contactless wallet payment.

Not sure how that gets fixed but not sure it’s monzo that can do that, more a Google issue.

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Could be an issue with Monzo on the watch. You could eliminate Monzo from the equation by trying a different card.


I’ve discovered this is an Android issue as I’ve now discovered sometimes the wrong card is selected.

I always check what card is selected shout a few seconds before making a payment and I hold my watch to the reader for much longer now.

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