Why folk use a forum

The topic about trainers generated a fair bit of chat about the reasons people post: whether it be to ask genuine questions about the use of their Monzo account, the experience of using fintech generally, spawning topics around managing life under lockdown and, frequently, asking questions of others about all sorts of stuff.

This topic may enable that to be discussed without it being focused on a particular OP (eg the trainer chap).

Anyway, here it is - do with it what you will…


I think it’s quite a nice thing to have the option of posting what some would see as a useless topic. Sometimes finding facts/stats on something online isn’t enough and somebody’s opinion/experience will count for more.

I use several forums for specific products I use (graphic design software, illustration software, programming, and two website design forums) and because I don’t have any membership to any general forums designed for totally general use, I would pick the best one to ask my general question if I had one. For example, if I wanted to get some recommendations on headphones I’d probably use one of the programming forums to likely get a more technical response and because most programmers I know wear headphones a lot.

It’s very easy to ignore a topic if you don’t have an interest, so I don’t get involved. But I do sometimes like to read the drama it causes :wink:


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