What is Monzo doing?

This topic I have opened, Is so that anyone with updates on the activities of Monzo can post them on this thread so that customers and investors and anyone with just a general interest in the company can get more up to date info on what the company is up to on a daily basis.

Please feel free to comment.

My first point Is that I would like to know when investors will be sent their shares information and also would be great to know how many customers are joining Monzo every week or so to allow customers/investors to recognise the companies continued growth.

monzo.com/blog maybe what you’re looking for?


Scroll down a little for weekly customer numbers. You can change the duration at the top.


Yes I regularly check back to this blog however, I feel that such a thread would be useful for customers/investors where they can comment and input certain information they have discovered/know about recent activities of Monzo.

There are already threads for these.

What you are describing sounds very much to me like a forum where people can go to talk about monzo and get updates on many things…


I think that’s what the entire purpose of this forum is for. To see what Monzo (as well as other FinTechs) is (are) currently doing. Thankfully it’s split out into many categories and threads specific to each topic which will make it easier to search/read about certain areas.


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As others have said, trying to boil down the entire forum into a single thread is probably a step too far on the ‘impossibility’ measure!


We still don’t know what Monzo are doing though.

@cookywook Can we get a 24/7 livestream please? I estimate this will take no less than 2 days to implement. Thanks.


I’ll be honest and say that I don’t think we need this thread @12jprince


Sorry but I think you are wrong, it is now Xmas and nothing happens

For a moment I thought you’re serious. :wink:

For @12jprince, but also any other Monzo fans, here’s collated list of good Monzo stuff. Everything goes through an appropriate channel, so I’m not sure if we could contain it all in one thread, it would be a bit too much. :heart_eyes:

https://twitter.com/MakingMonzo and corresponding blog post - https://monzo.com/blog/2018/11/07/making-monzo-roadmap/
https://www.facebook.com/monzomoneytips/ (This page is fresh, give it a :+1: if you don’t mind, pretty please!)
https://monzo.com/community/ - shows upcoming Monzo events
If I missed anything, please let me know! :wink:


Thanks for a very comprehensive post, @Avishai! Those are the best places to hear about what we’re up to - along with this forum!

Does that help, @12jprince? For the other investor things you’ve mentioned, we’ll email you if there’s some investor-specific information for you (like an investor event). We also regularly publish info about how we’re doing, like our annual report.


I wish Reddit gold was a thing here! :joy:

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