Question about the future of Monzo's community

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With Monzo growing and thousands of new customers signing up everyday, groups like this are sure to arise. But when they’re 10 million, how do you see the community developing? Will it continue to expand offline, become more interactive, diversify more? Would be curious to see your thoughts

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Buzz word of the decade.


There is plenty of scope for scalability using this forum, so they can adapt as and when they see the need.

US expansion is a prime example of this.

The forum will cope.
The issue will be the quality of posts.


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Coral crew will be busier :woman_shrugging:


Do you think there will be space for another for the Crew? hint hint

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I’ll certainly suggest it when there’s 10 million forum users :grin:


How would you say it applies to Monzo’s customer base, if at all?

Do you think that we may require different platforms for people who don’t want to go on the forum?

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Such as?

You pose some interesting questions, Daniel.

It’d be interesting to know just how big the community is and what regular activity looks like (though that may be commercial-in-confidence stuff).

can’t wait for the “let’s open facebook groups” comment(s) :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:


We’re definitely scaling up events, both in London and around the country, so you can expect a lot more of them in various formats! @naji and @yen are doing incredible work in that area.

We’re also seeing noticeable growth here on the forum for the first time in a while. I have various theories about this. One of them is basically that I think the “early adopters” are the people that contribute most to forums, but then you have different types of groups that each have their own “early adopter” sub-groups. So for a long time Monzo was a product mostly used by folks into tech and folks into finance, and what we saw here on the forum was the early adopters of those groups. If you’ve been here more than 12 months on the forum I’d say you fit into that category.

What we’re seeing now is a move into the “mass adoption” phase, since we’re pushing towards 3 million UK customers, national TV adverts, and more of the public consciousness. That group has it’s own “early adopters” and whilst they aren’t considered early adopters compared to the first group in general, they are the early adopters amongst a much larger segment of the population, and I think there’s also a trend towards forum activity amongst those people.

Secondly, we’re getting the early adopters from the US tech crowd starting to sign up since we’ve now run two US product launch events and we have actual US customers now! We try and make sure a lot of topics are worded broadly enough for all to contribute and enjoy, so whilst the new US signups aren’t necessarily going to engage in the finer points of what’s launching here in the UK if it doesn’t yet apply to US product, that won’t preclude them from engaging in a large amount of discussion that we have here.

I personally see us making our community (events, forum, and more) as interactive and engaging as we possibly can. One very recent example is when we (just a few months ago) turned on user voting in our Feedback section. We’ve been feeding the most voted ideas back to our Product teams every month, and user voting has played a huge role in what we’re building (see Bills Pots!) - on top of that, we have some very highly engaged Product Managers across every area of the business engaging with folks here on a daily basis, and I think you’ll start to see much, much more of that :grinning:


:chart_with_upwards_trend: Stats, :chart_with_downwards_trend: stats, :bar_chart: stats -

Choose the reporting window at the top-left and use the column titles to switch between high-to-low and vice-versa. It doesn’t directly answer your question(s) but it does show the activity of various parameters.

Warning - you can spend quite some time looking at this page :alarm_clock:


Love that page, even if it is a bit mad at times with no clear explanation of days visited (though that lives with Discourse!)

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Don’t go there! I haven’t recovered fully from my last investigation into the Discourse timing roll-overs :mag:

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Hi Daniel,

Great question! We’re excited to be thinking about the answer too. What does community look like “at scale” for Monzo?

Like Simon said, this forum will always play a key part. Things like Monzo Labs are now a part of our day-to-day work, and it’ll be really excited to see how the #usa category comes alive over the next few months.

I’m also really excited about our growing community off the forum. That’s partly with our growing events, with Investival being a taster of what we could be doing next. And also with our growing online communities, like the Monzo Saving Squad - which is becoming more active by the day!

I think we’ll increasingly focus on what you might call micro-communities - highly engaged groups around products or behaviours. The Saving Squad is a great example - people using Monzo for saving and helping each other reach their goals. So too is the Business Banking community which I know the team get a lot of value from. You can imagine the possibilities here: students, people using Monzo to travel, people in debt, parents. With different channels having a role to play in supporting the community for each.

We’ve gone from having just one Twitter account - @Monzo - to a whole bunch too: @MonzoUSA, @MakingMonzo, & @MonzoBusiness. These are all places where we’re talking to and engaging with our community on a daily basis, beyond the forum. And I think that’s what the future looks like - meeting you where you are to hear your ideas, and connecting you with other folks, so we can all help make money work for everyone.

Just don’t ask about our TikTok strategy.


Go on?