How did Monzo create their community forum

Hi, this community forum that Monza uses is fantastic. We are thinking of using something similar for our own company. Can anyone tell me how the forum was built or or how we could go about making one ourselves? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


it is powered by a company called Discourse:


Thanks :grinning:

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Do you know who powers the in app chat? :slight_smile:


I’m assuming that everyone is happy with the forum as it is. Is that correct?


It’s a pretty solid system, yep.


Thanks, yes it seems to be. I guess its better for community members to answer questions than to go to a call centre.

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Glad you’re a fan, @simonpillar

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions and I’ll be happy to chat about things!

Personally I find Discourse one of the best forums I’ve used, seems very fresh and modern in terms of features.


thanks @cookywook
Do Monza give rewards or give points for answered questions?
I’m wondering how much a forum like this saves people contacting a call centre or using the in app chat.

Maybe Monza do, but Monzo don’t.


Do bear in mind, though, that the Community is much more than the software (although you need to get that right, obvs :wink:).

Like plants, it’ll need cultivating, looking after and preferably seen as an integral part of the business to thrive…

Company culture (openness and transparency etc) is also important. Be clear about what you can share and what you can’t etc etc…

Good luck!


I know a ‘bank’ that used discourse software and their community was lets just say 1 user and a load of trolling :joy_cat:

They closed it in the end :joy_cat:


One user? A load of trolling?

Just who could that user be?! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

We don’t use a points-system, but being active in the forum increases your rank. The most active people can become Community Leaders, which you can learn more about here:

Wasn’t me, I don’t troll :upside_down_face:

There was loads of people on there though, it was quite a funny few weeks.

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Before they got discourse I had no idea how ugly the forums could actually have been. I’m glad Monzo is far more sensible. I wonder what is it that compels people to put red text on bright yellow. :joy:

That was gross that colour scheme… then it was white with red text :joy_cat:

I like neon colours on black.

Makes me think of MySpace