Why don't the disputes team look at documents I uploaded?

I submitted a dispute because I was overcharged, I uploaded proof of the invoice showing the cost, proof of my 15 Nov email to them asking for the refund (they didn’t reply to my email), and mentioned in the text box that they confirmed by phone that they would refund me.

Now Monzo have closed the dispute saying that they need:

Proof that you’ve spoken to the merchant and tried to resolve it with them, and you’ve been unsuccessful.
Screenshots/images that includes a clear description of what you originally paid for.
Proof that the merchant has agreed to refund you is also really helpful as evidence.
Unfortunately we aren’t likely to win a dispute on your behalf unless we can show proof that we’ve given them a chance to sort it out directly. We also find the quickest way to get your money back is to contact the merchant first and explain the situation, as they’re often keen to resolve things outside of the disputes process.
We always recommend contacting the merchant via email (or live chat, as you can request a transcript by email) so there’s a written record of your communication with them.

Come on friends, I’ve done all that. Why does every customer service interaction with Monzo feel like I’m screaming into the void?

I’m slowly moving most of my transactions to my Halifax credit card because I trust their disputes team (despite a slow patch at the start of the pandemic when everyone, including me, was claiming for cancelled flights).

Do raise a complaint with Monzo. It’s the only way they’ll learn.



Have you raised a complaint with said company?

Just call them daily until the refund has been provided :sweat_smile:

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Is the invoice different to what you’ve been charged?

@Peter_G I’m so tired of raising complaints to Monzo.

@Carlo1460 Oh I tried that.

@Revels yep, invoice is for 269.75 and charge was 375


It’s strange if you have submitted proof of multiple unanswered emails and proof of the phone call that they don’t think you’ve tried to resolve it

I haven’t got proof of the phone call tbf.

Ok, Monzo responded and said the documents I sent aren’t enough to create a dispute because they need proof I talked to the merchant and proof of what the purchase amount should have been.

Surely the unanswered email and the quote that they sent me answers that. I feel like I’m going round in circles with Monzo CS.

Am I mad?

Ridiculous that everything’s been provided, you’d think before responding they’d actually check over everything which has been sent before asking for the same things that they’ve already got 🤦

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They’ve insisted three times now, so now I’m really confused. Like have I misunderstood something.

I’d of expected them to spell out exactly what it is they actually want by now. Especially with you basically saying but you’ve got everything you need from me.

Seems like it’s on the side of Monzo where they’ve got a few crossed wires.

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Have you sent them the receipt for the purchase? A quote isn’t the same thing it’s not necessarily finalised

There wasn’t one after purchase, only before. It shows the price I should have been charged, if that makes sense.