Disputes issue

I am so FRUSTRATED with Disputes team…

I was trying to do online purchase and merchant had some technical issues processing payments. It was showing on my side that payment of £50.66 wasn’t going through ….but it’s gone through 27 times.
I received email from merchant saying that it was error and they issued “Invoice cancellation” which said that I need to obtain refunds from my bank as they won’t be able to process payments back.

When I started submitting request for each single transactions, I received rejections with different requests for different documents, depending on the opinion of specialist vetting the case. So one staff would need email that says merchant can’t reimburse, then another staff member checking identical case would say “I need invoice with full address” etc. etc.

I have provided Invoice Cancelation and Merchant emails and voided payment receipts.

While specialist successfully raised 3 disputes, on the same day, another specialist have sent notification “we can’t raise disputes because of insufficient evidence”

So I contacted merchant to get any documentation they can give, but Disputes team couldn’t be bothered waiting - sent message saying that they won’t be able to look into this.

When I demanded to clarify what exactly they need, so I can request those from merchant, I received message saying “We won’t be able to raise disputes as MasterCard doesn’t allow chargebacks for transactions like this”

I asked 10 times what they mean “transactions like this” - no explanation.

They suggested that I raise complaint, which I did and there is no resolution for 47 days now…

So I don’t understand, if merchant has requested chargeback why Monzo is treating me like I am a criminal…. I am not asking money from Monzo , it’s coming from the merchant. They already raised 3 disputes but refusing to raise remaining …


In 10 days forward the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if Monzo is not being very responsive.


You paid £50 twenty seven times?! And each one “failed”?


Surely this is the responsibility of the merchant to refund? seems to me like they are taking a liberty telling you to dispute the transactions with your bank…


What was it you were purchasing?

If the transaction did indeed fail each time, the funds may still be temporarily held depending on what stage of the process you were at.

You can’t raise chargebacks / dispute pending charges, only charges that have settled and have been claimed by the merchant. They should have explained that.

Pending charges are usually held for 7 days but can take as long as 30 to drop off. Customer services may be able to help free them up sooner than that if you contact them and provide evidence but there’s no guarantee.

If the charges have now settled and don’t say pending when you tap on them, then it’s time to raise a dispute but try to do that in a way that explains these are all linked. Not just dispute each one individually.

Disputing each and every transaction individually just ensures that you don’t get the issue looked as holistically but rather each request is considered on its own possibly by different people, but now you know that. And raising 20-odd chargebacks, whether successful or not, in this way may be a great way to be exited as a customer.

Also if you complained and don’t hear within 8 weeks, you can take it to the Ombudsman even if Monzo haven’t given you a final response.


The complaint has been waiting for a reply for over 47 days, so probably not still pending charges.

If the transactions are complete the money will be with the merchant. It’s not exactly difficult for the merchant to see that and issue the refunds. Chargebacks shouldn’t be needed the merchant probably just doesn’t want to sit there individually processing twenty-something transactions.

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Yep, it was actually paid via Apple Pay and each time I pressed it said “transaction failed”…

I think that merchant has gone…with money. I checked, their registered address is one office space with other 250 “businesses” and HMRC website says it has only one employee…


Seagate External Hard Drives, but I checked that merchant has code assigned by MasterCard as “Gaming arcades” I hope Monzo can understand that it’s not a casino or whatever they are thinking it is …

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This probably explains it, they think you are trying to recoup gambling losses.

One option here is to avoid the banking system entirely and just make a court application for the money:

But if the company does fold a chargeback may be the only option, so if I were you I’d carry on trying to get Monzo to charge back and at the same time I’d tell the merchant that if they don’t actively refund you you’ll take them to court. And then one of those routes should get you your money back.

Very frustrating though, especially to have to do the same one each time.


Gaming arcades is very generic, and I’d guess their majority of their site includes games or similar for sale.

This explains what you should do if a company goes bust.

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It’s total SHIT SHOW , I do think, that staff is very young, inexperienced and poorly trained. I actually won’t be surprised if complaint resolution will be “go to ombudsman” or it could be refund for all outstanding and not raised disputes (£1200) Monzo is like a lottery, depends which staff gonna pick your case up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I wonder if the merchant code is different on some of these and that’s what’s causing the issue?

I don’t like to tag staff but I’m pretty sure @Dan5 is/was disputes? (Now fraud?)


It might well be MCC code related, but I don’t have a clue how this process works to be honest.

It’s possible that some of the rejections were made automatically by the system, rather than by a human but I’m just guessing at this.

I’m sorry for the poor experience that you’ve had @Romanovsky, but I’m glad our complaints team are looking into this for you.


Any update on this? Did you successfully get your money back?

Between the update they posted yesterday and today in the middle of the holiday period? Please.


Day 64 since Complaint submission - no resolution.

Escalated to FOS - got reply that they have written to Monzo to ask for Final Response. I asked FOS to progress my complaint ASAP.

I have requested Data and files from Monzo - really keen to see all the notes.

Oh, yeah….someone from Disputes Team have responded to my chat escalation from 3 weeks ago, saying that “my dispute submitted on 26 October will be resolved in 10 days”. Really?!? Actually that Dispute case was resolved two weeks ago.