Monzo customer service a bit disapointing just now

normally i have no issues when dealing with monzo’s customer service and have in the past given praise but over the past few days really has made me go wtf

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Any more details?

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i raised a dispute … long story short the lying merchant has declined it , monzo say they cant re open it and have closed it , still shows as in progess on the app , i cant sue the merchant untill its closed asked when this would happen CS have no idea and have to escleate it 48 hrs later im still waiting on a response , normally better service than this

So Monzo said they closed it, then the app shows it’s not?

Raise a complain to Monzo, get them to resolve it for you, and then go the legal route with the merchant. :slight_smile:


yeah thats what im trying … but to say monzo’s response is lacking would be polite , im still waiting on the complaint team getting back to me , oh and the disputes team to close the dam thing so i can lodge the papers

tried contacting again this morning and got told i cant help , i understand how frustrating this must be yada yada yada , its begining to put me off slightly , as i want these court papers lodged asap

When did you say to raise the complaint? If you asked on Friday, then you should hold on a couple of days! :slight_smile:

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the dispute was declinded on wed and i got the message saying nothing more we can do , which i found a bit off , considering i can prove the merchant to lie , so at that point i was told the dispute would be closed , raised a complaint about that and still waiting to hear back about that then on friday when checking the app shows still in progress so contacted about that and heard nothing more


You can sue the merchant whenever you like for whatever reason you like

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i want all the Ts crossed and the I’s dotted so this scum bag merchant cant wriggle out of any thing like they have manged to do by lying to mastercard

Is this advice from your lawyer? I shouldn’t think the dispute process would make any difference but your lawyer for this would know best!

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im taking it through the simple procedure at the sheriff court , its under £100 so no need for solicitors , and as I deal with court papers as part of my job then will be able to lodge the papers my self , just not letting this ass clown wriggle out by saying the bank kept the dispute open etc

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