Why don't some types of payments work with "get paid early"

I have an incoming payment from NS&I, and I can see it on my feed as due in tomorrow (it’s BACS). But it doesn’t give me the option to get paid early (usually today at 4pm). Any idea why?

As long as you’re sure it is BACS then there is no other reason why it shouldn’t that I know of.

I guess you will find out for definate at 4pm!

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How much is it for? I think there are lower and upper limits for payments which can be paid early.

Ah, that might be why! It would be interesting to know the limits, if it’s possible to say that publically.

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I’ll see what I can find out when I’m back at work :slight_smile:


I was paid early for an £8.21 BACS refund yesterday so if there is a lower limit it’s less than that

Edit: I also had a £1.20 delay repay refund last December which I got early (transaction time 17.12 so it must have been me claiming it)

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I’ve also used paid early on a £6 payment

Yeah I’ve never heard of limits so it would be news to me :open_mouth:

I’ve had a £4 cashback all the way up to several thousands.

Same here. I got 5p from TopCashback paid early once.

Have currently got 2p payable. I’m hoping to be able to retire early and just live off my TopCashback earnings…


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