Wage clearance

Hey guys, I know I’ve read it but I just wanted to be clear. I am due to be paid this Thursday so it will clear in on the Wednesday is that correct ?

Weds at 4PM provided you’re paid via BACS


If it’s via BACS the payment then yes it will show up in your feed and at 4pm you can get it early by accessing that payment in the app

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Thanks guys

So I have to accept it or something ?

At 4pm or just after you go into the app, select the payment and it will ask if you want to be paid early, just drag the money icon down into the wallet and it releases the funds

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Thanks so much

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You should see it greyed out earlier that day. (But you can’t collect till 4pm)

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I am normally paid via Bacs but while on furlough it has been via bank transfer instead. So don’t rely on the get paid early feature working.

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Thanks, I’m not furloughed and payments have remained the same for me but I’ll keep my eye out :slight_smile:

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