Get Paid Early (newbie)


This is my first month of Paid Early (changed details with my employer).

Do I need to be paid the first time round and set it as my salary to get Paid Early, and it’ll remember for next month? Or will it automatically recognise a BACs payment is due in to my account and trigger it the first time around?


the latter - except you manually choose which payment to get paid early

All BACS payments are eligible to be paid early.

Bear in mind that even though your employer says they are using BACS, they might not.


I believe as per my contract terms it is sent by BACs (work for a bank and they normally do).

Well, BACS network operates BACS, FasterPayment, DirectDebit… So just wait and see. I’ve had some things flip flop and get sent via FasterPayment one time, via BACS the other time etc.

Ah, well its showed up now as a pending incoming payment (greyed) and to check back at 4 today.

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You can claim incoming BACS payments of any amount early (4pm onward on the prior working day to the scheduled payment)

The £100 threshold is the trigger for Salary Sorter to activate on incoming payments (of any type - BACS/Faster Payments)