Get Paid Early - Maximum/Limit


I can see a bacs payment arriving tomorrow @ 1am but no option to get paid early. Is there a maximum it works for?


Check back at 4pm.


Thanks @ndrw - normally it tells me to check back at 4pm. But at the moment it says nothing. Very strange

Could be whoever is paying you hasn’t submitted the payment, they’re paying via alternative methods, things are sending the payment…

There’s a world of potential possibilities. If you don’t paid tomorrow, reach out to who is sending the transfer & see what’s up with them sending it! :sunglasses:

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It’s 4pm, and the limit is £5,000 by memory.

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Just been paid and noticed the SORT function to pots now shows up under my salary transaction. Is this a new upgrade to the app as before you had to click on the transaction before the option to SORT was visible. Or am I just late to the party again and my app is only just showing this :face_exhaling:


That’s new :eyes:

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And iOS :thinking:

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Should see mine on weds so will report back.