Why does Monzo not like people re-joining?

It’s certainly possible that things have changed in the 2+ years since I left, but certainly in the years I was there, the default was to be transparent unless we either literally could not be (third party agreements and/or regulation) or if it would be a monumentally stupid idea to do so.

The latter was logical, of course. The former, was almost always incredibly frustrating for the company.

Without knowing the specifics of this case, I’d surmise it’s potentially a mix of both. The key part is that it doesn’t necessarily mean the customer has done anything wrong. There are attributes that can be at play that are variable enough to where there’s no such thing as a “false positive” even if there is no bad intent. Obviously, those attributes can never be shared because of the people that DO have bad intent.

But, clearly, there is no situation in which losing a valid customer is a positive outcome for Monzo. So it’s just one of those things.