Monzo giving two months’ notice of account closures

Hi all,

very strange situation here. Ive had an account with monzo since 2018 and used it regularly for years. Having a wage deposited into it and its all been fine.

However today i received a message saying the account would be closed in 2 months.

Nothing dodgy has happened in my life at all - and certainly not in the last few months - so it doesnt make any sense to me.

But the biggest issue i have is they said 2 months. So obviously it cant be a security risk or a fraud risk issue as they still are allowing me to use their service for 2 months, right? so what other reasons could it be?

Sent messages to them but they seem pretty slow at the moment.

thank you


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Unfortunately we’re all customers here so won’t be able to help; but if it’s not an immediate closure it’s likely that you just no longer fit the customer profile they’re looking for for one reason or another. Just as you can choose which bank you bank with, they can also choose who they maintain banking relationships with

Monzo might tell you more, but unlikely


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Nobody here is going to know, because if it’s happened to them, they won’t know either. Monzo legally cannot tell you why.

I’m afraid you’ll just have to take your money and pick another bank.

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Has your situation changed recently? Have you stopped being a resident in the UK? Have you had a change of circumstances?

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That blog link doesn’t apply to this customer, it only applies to those who have had their accounts closed immediately.[Blog link was removed]

In this case, where a customer has been given two months before the account being closing, it means that they’ve done nothing wrong by law, but Monzo have simply (for whatever reason) decided they no longer want them as a customer.

Unfortunately none of us here can say what the reason might be, as we’re not privy to Monzo’s internal discussions.


That’s kinda worrying if what you say is true (I don’t doubt that it is) but as a average user with no shadyness in my life like 99.9% of account holders, we could all be culled off for no apparent reason.

WTF Monzo!


No change of circumstances and still live in the UK.

That’s to do with fraud and AML law - if they are giving him two months it’s not that.


Yeah i did think that. Reading about other people it seems their accounts were cut off immediately (and monzo claimed something like 95% of those decisions were correct- which they would do ofcourse… and i assume they put it down to fraud or some sort of dodgy thing)

But this theyre saying i can still use everything for a further 2 months then on the 18th april itll be cut off.

What reasons would they have though?? I still live in the UK (havent left), lived here all my life so have a passport, no legal troubles etc.

Just seems weird

Yes, true, but the rest of my post still applies

It’s unlikely to happen to 99.9% of customers. It usually happens if a change of circumstances or behaviour means a bank no longer wants to provide banking facilities to you

It’s in every bank’s T&Cs that they can terminate the relationship by giving you 1-2 months’ notice and when they close the account in cases like this they just point to that bit of their T&Cs


OP will have done something or some flag for it. They haven’t just randomly decided to close his account.

If that was the case they would not have two months they would be cut off immediately.


Only like you said, if it was fraud related.

Surely they need to have some sort of valid reason though right?

I havent moved country, or moved address, or done any transactions i havent done many times over for months, just your normal wages coming in and amazon type transactions. Other than a monthly wage coming in theres been no other incoming transactions since November too.

But your point was “Monzo legally cannot tell you why.” which is not true unless it’s AML or fraud.

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Which is a bit anxiety inducing given that from the customer perspective there’s no identifiable reason for it. Taints my faith in them somewhat. Would be nice to know, in at least a vague sense, the criteria, so as a customer I can try to avoid falling into it.

Do other banks pull stuff like this? This is a first I’ve heard it happen to a personal current account, and I don’t like it one bit.


if someone commits fraud theyd shut the bank account down immediately though (or so id assume as it would be a legal risk).

If i was committing fraud (which im not and never have) and they did this theyre essentially saying “go ahead, you got 2 months longer to keep committing fraud, and we’ll shut you down then” wouldnt make any sense even when you think about it

From their T&Cs:


Of course they do. There isn’t a tombola with all our accounts on and they pull one out every Monday morning and that person gets their account closed.

OP will have had his account flagged for something. It might be a mistake on Monzo’s part, you’d like to think there’s human intervention here.

But if they’ve checked it and given 2 months notice, that’s the end of it.

Which you’ve already replied to? I don’t understand your point?

Monzo have flagged his account for something. We don’t know what and we’ll probably never know. If a fraud closure is immediate then it’s clearly something less serious but also something Monzo don’t want to be a part of.


I don’t know why but this made me laugh


I can imagine TS Anil or Anne doing the draw themselves at the Monday morning staff stand-up