why cant i pay cash into my account at the post office

if it is not possible to pay in elsewhere besides a bank?

Type in the search box on here and you’ll find there is a topic that covers this already. This will answer all your questions and more :slight_smile:

If you want to pay in cash, you do this via Paypoint. Have a search in the help section of your app and all the instructions for that will be there too.


Monzo said if they wore going to allow us to do this it would mean every customer would need a new card and that at this point would be a lot of work for what they have on right now.

I to would like to see this but for now at least it is not possible pay points only.

Hope millions of newly issued cards are capable of this and Monzo will one day surprise with an announcement.

They might do it one day I think paying in at a post office would be better j had time where a paypoint in my area did not know what to do I also had one offer time when it failed so I could not put the money in.

I don’t if it would be more reliable at the post office I mean they still be a a bit of a whait depends on time of day.

Huh? :confused:

Even Yoda wouldn’t understand that text!

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