Search for nearest Monzo pay point

If this hasn’t been suggested before, can we have a feature on the app that shows where we can pay cash to go on the Monzo card? The main reason I got a card was because, due to branch closures, I struggle to pay cash into my accounts. I have tried a couple of post offices but they wouldn’t accept the card.

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I don’t believe Monzo support this yet. It has been suggested that once Current Accounts are rolled out they may do the appropriate deal with the post office etc. but we’re not there yet.


that does sound like a good idea, if there was a little map location pin that could be integrated into Google apps on the monzo apps.

I have been pushing this idea for months :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes a lot of sense for those of us who live in the middle of nowhere (2 hour round trip to my “physical branch”) to use the Post Office services - I can cash cheques and put cash in like a normal branch there and it’s a 20 minute round trip then. Don’t know how it works for the banks but I assume the PO have some kind of access charge however, for the ubiquity the PO have (lots of branches, already round the country) I wouldn’t mind maybe paying a small fee for depositing with them (99p or whatever).

Surely a service like PayPoint is just as ubiquitous (if not more so) than the Post Office (and potentially cheaper)?

Do PayPoint let you cash cheques and cash? (no idea)

No idea either. Just suggesting there are potentially alternatives.