Why can we still not save a payee (that isn't a contact)?

My biggest annoyance with Monzo is how unhelpful the payments section is. I have a credit card that I want to pay off occasionally - why can’t I save the details as a payee? Seems a pretty basic feature!

Just as we have a ‘Recent’ and ‘Frequent’ list, why can’t we have a ‘Saved’ or ‘Favourite’ list? My credit card is neither Frequent or Recent, but that doesn’t mean I should have to input the details EVERY time…!

Anyone else finding this annoying?

I don’t understand. Once you’ve paid someone their details are retained in the payees list. I’ve never had to re-enter a payee?


Agreed, this sounds more like a bug unless I’ve totally misunderstood the OP’s issue of course?

Sidenote: The Payee section really needs some work doing to it, lets the rest of the app down badly IMHO


You should have an ‘All’ section as well which is where you should find your credit card payee. Hopefully that works for you.

As above, Payments screen needs a major update. There’s plenty on this forum about it so won’t do that here but hopefully when Plus is done, these other things might start to happen.

Okay, from whats mentioned above I see what happened here.

As the list with all your payees is called ‘All contacts’ I simply dismissed the idea that it would contain payees that aren’t phone contacts.

At least I now know where they will be, even if I have to scroll through hundreds of payees I will never use to find them.

Personally, I think this should be done now while Plus is doing it’s thing, it’s long overdue. OP - I presume you already know, but you can search for the contact that has previously been added?

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You mentioned that it is someone you pay regularly, so they will be at the top under frequent :slight_smile:

I transfer money to my three children all the time, but this issue causes all kinds of trouble for me. It is also my biggest frustration with Monzo.

Because payees cannot be created and saved, it is impossible to add two payees with the same bank account but with different references.

As an example… My three children all have building society accounts with the same building society. The account number and sort code is the same, and only the reference changes - the reference is the child’s Building Society account number.

Only one of the children at any one time is in the “frequent” list.

So I use the transactions feed instead. However…

If I choose “Child B” from my transactions list and click “Send money to Child B”, but it happens that it was “Child C” that I paid most recently, then although the name says “Child B”, it is Child C’s building society account number in the reference field which is automatically picked. It is a nightmare because it can be an age before you realise the mistake, and you have to simply remember which 10-digit reference belongs to which child.


Do you have this saved ready for some quick copy and paste :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

On a serious note, I hope they revamp the payments section of the app soon, some of this stuff could be dealt with so easily and that section really is letting the rest of the app down

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It’s my only concern. Everything else is wonderful! (I’m touched that someone reads my moans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Love you Monzo. But please do this section better… :slight_smile:

Ahhh OK I see, great example by the way :sweat_smile:

There’s a feature suggestion for this already. Search ‘better payee management’ and be sure to vote for it. I’m on my mobile otherwise I’d link to it :slight_smile:

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Beep boop


Ahh cool thanks for that. Close enough with the title :smile::thinking:

I don’t have all my phone contacts showing. What version/OS of Monzo app are you using?

I agree but there’s no way I see Monzo doing that

One work-around in the meantime I highly recommend is the app Copied. This will solve all your account number woes, and many more. Create a custom list with your children’s account numbers, and you can use its keyboard to insert them directly. You can label your clippings so there’s no guessing as to which account number is for which child.

Ooh - thank you. That looks like a nice app.

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