Create separate payees with identical bank accounts but different references

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Allow users to create separate payees with identical bank details but different references

In my example, I have 2 MBNA credit cards. I make payments manually to the cards. Obviously the payment uses the card number as the reference.

If I create 2 payees, same bank account, different reference, at the moment, it will not create the 2 separate payees. It uses the name of the first one I created and you can then select which reference to use.

Multiple times I have paid the wrong card (yes my fault for not checking the reference), but this would be so handy.

On a closing note, I love Monzo, the app, and everything about it. Brilliant work to everyone !

PLEASE! This is the issue that is making me slightly regret going “full Monzo”.

I have three children. All three have a building society account at the same building society. I transfer money to those account each week.

The building society has ONE bank account, but each child has a different payment reference so that the money ends up in the correct building society account.

On my old app (Yorkshire Bank’s “B”), I saved three payees, each with the child’s name. Each had the same bank account, but each had the correct payment reference.

Each week, I would choose each child, and send a payment. It took 2 minutes tops.

Monzo however, is a mess.

It only saves one child’s name in the “recent” list - the child I payed first, bizarrely - but it remembers the reference of the child I payed last - so one name, with the other one’s reference. It does list the other references previously used, but it’s hard to know which one is which. (Each child gets different amounts, so I need to get it right).

Paying pocket money is now a nightmare. I have to get the building society books out, and re-check the reference each time. What was a couple of minutes with my old bank is now three times as long as I cross-reference names and account numbers.

Can I add my voice to this request - save payees with set references.

It will be the same when my wife and I on our joint account need to pay off our Barclaycards - same bank account, different references.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yes. This is absolutely necessary. I raised this as an issue as soon as I got the Monzo current account. Legacy banks can do it. I’d expect FinTech to be at least as good as legacy. All good reasons stated above. :+1:


Starling sort of does this - you can add multiple payment accounts per payee. You can even add exactly the same payment details multiple times with a different reference each under the same payee if you like.


I use Starling for my personal spends, so have not tried this, but the organisation of the Payments page is so much cleaner than the cluttered Monzo one.

In Monzo, I particularly don’t like that random acquaintences in my contacts list appear there if they happen to have a Monzo account. I’ll never need to pay them, and it’s a massive waste of space. (Is it even ethical/correct that Monzo release to me the fact that partial strangers have a Monzo account?)


Presumably it’s legal, as those people have consented.

Personally, I think it’s unethical. In the sense that, if I were Monzo, I wouldn’t allow it. But I guess you could argue it either way.


Another vote from me, I have a mortgage and ISA with a building society, the accounts are the same, only reference differs. Would be rather awkward if I were to transfer to mortgage and not ISA, it’s also difficult to see from statement which are mortgage overpayments vs savings

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This is the reason I would most like this feature - when you have multiple accounts at somewhere like a Building Society, and they use a general holding account with one sort code and account number, and the reference corresponding to your account.

It’s often the same thing if you have multiple credit cards with the same provider.

Please cater better to these situations Monzo by letting us save the payee, complete with reference, and then save the same details as a new payee with the other reference.

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It’s surprising just how much friction has attached to the development of the payee management function. It took Starling quite some time, as I recall, to really devote developer time to putting the key elements in place. (Quite a lot of encouragement from the forum at the time :blush:). But that was pushing two years ago…

Odd that Monzo haven’t grabbed the opportunity in that time. After all, surely Monzo staff are in the same boat bring account holders?