Create separate payees with identical bank accounts but different references

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Allow users to create separate payees with identical bank details but different references

In my example, I have 2 MBNA credit cards. I make payments manually to the cards. Obviously the payment uses the card number as the reference.

If I create 2 payees, same bank account, different reference, at the moment, it will not create the 2 separate payees. It uses the name of the first one I created and you can then select which reference to use.

Multiple times I have paid the wrong card (yes my fault for not checking the reference), but this would be so handy.

On a closing note, I love Monzo, the app, and everything about it. Brilliant work to everyone !

PLEASE! This is the issue that is making me slightly regret going “full Monzo”.

I have three children. All three have a building society account at the same building society. I transfer money to those account each week.

The building society has ONE bank account, but each child has a different payment reference so that the money ends up in the correct building society account.

On my old app (Yorkshire Bank’s “B”), I saved three payees, each with the child’s name. Each had the same bank account, but each had the correct payment reference.

Each week, I would choose each child, and send a payment. It took 2 minutes tops.

Monzo however, is a mess.

It only saves one child’s name in the “recent” list - the child I payed first, bizarrely - but it remembers the reference of the child I payed last - so one name, with the other one’s reference. It does list the other references previously used, but it’s hard to know which one is which. (Each child gets different amounts, so I need to get it right).

Paying pocket money is now a nightmare. I have to get the building society books out, and re-check the reference each time. What was a couple of minutes with my old bank is now three times as long as I cross-reference names and account numbers.

Can I add my voice to this request - save payees with set references.

It will be the same when my wife and I on our joint account need to pay off our Barclaycards - same bank account, different references.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yes. This is absolutely necessary. I raised this as an issue as soon as I got the Monzo current account. Legacy banks can do it. I’d expect FinTech to be at least as good as legacy. All good reasons stated above. :+1:


Starling sort of does this - you can add multiple payment accounts per payee. You can even add exactly the same payment details multiple times with a different reference each under the same payee if you like.

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I use Starling for my personal spends, so have not tried this, but the organisation of the Payments page is so much cleaner than the cluttered Monzo one.

In Monzo, I particularly don’t like that random acquaintences in my contacts list appear there if they happen to have a Monzo account. I’ll never need to pay them, and it’s a massive waste of space. (Is it even ethical/correct that Monzo release to me the fact that partial strangers have a Monzo account?)

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Presumably it’s legal, as those people have consented.

Personally, I think it’s unethical. In the sense that, if I were Monzo, I wouldn’t allow it. But I guess you could argue it either way.