Plus account given to those who regularly pay their salary into their account

If you pay your salary into your Monzo account, you should get the plus features (when they are released) at a reduced rate or even for free. I see that other banks award premium features to customers that have their salary paid in every month, which becomes chargeable if the salary either goes or drops below a certain amount (£1,500 I think it was - with Lloyds).

Yes. Penalise those of us who can’t do this but use Monzo every single day anyway. Great!!

Or, maybe don’t look to exclude people based on their financial position?

It’s a no from me!


Monzo have to make money on this product. You can either pay for it with a monthly fee which will happen in the next month or so (Monzo Plus), or an an incentive to pay your salary into the account (something Monzo want) you get all this for free. I can’t see how there is any penalisation or unfairness here?

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Ahhhh, your original post didn’t include the first presumptive statement… read like it was ‘ONLY IF you pay in your salary’.

I’m still not made keen on this idea, I can afford to pay for Plus, but I can’t logistically move my salary payment over (I’m a contractor) and feel like I would be penalised.

You’d get exactly the same features as someone who had their salary paid in, just for a nominal monthly fee. The monthly fee is minimal compared to what Monzo could make from an account with regular salary payments. This just passes that financial benefit onto the customer.

I’m not questioning what I’d get if I paid for Plus.

The notion of ‘because you are able to get your salary paid in to Monzo’ is what I’m questioning. Why should you be rewarded for that? If I have a balance of £20,000, do I get Plus for free, even though it’s not been paid in as a salary?

It is the regular and dependable payments into the account that are of value to Monzo. That £20,000 could be gone tomorrow and never come back. The salary is coming every month and they can count on it. This ‘free’ plus account just makes that even more predictable.

p.s. you should definitely open a Marcus account if that dosh is kicking around in your Monzo account.

Generally speaking (in this context anyway), “salary” is just a set amount (usually £1500 or £1750 ish) to be paid in via a bank transfer each month - It’s well documented that many other banks offer this, and many many people take them up on this offer, and simply do a bank transfer from one of their accounts to the other in order to hit the criteria.

Ultimately though, it’s just an idea from @tobyadams, and I’m not sure making him feel like an inconsiderate customer is necessarily the best way to respond.


So why should they give it away for free to people who pay a salary in? Unless you know what the cost to Monzo is of Plus (and very few people within Monzo would ever know, let alone customers), you don’t know if it worthwhile for them or not to offer it for free.


I don’t ‘know’, all I am suggesting is that this might be a good idea to help Monzo draw in more salaries (a key objective of theirs) by giving people extra incentive to do so. I don’t know if this would make them more money, but that is not my job to calculate, nor my recommendation.

This is a community forum and not an ‘all heads’ meeting after all :roll_eyes:


And could go out the very next day.

I like your idea

If only there was a “feedback & ideas” tab :joy:

Could you please give it a vote at the top of the post :hugs:


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It is just an idea, and I’m just responding. As has been said, if you don’t want responses…

In principle I think it makes some sense, I’m challenging the applicability of it all and looking at the possible ramifications to others. What’s good for the goose etc etc.

Apologies if I’ve made anyone feel inconsiderate, not my intent.

Still don’t like this idea though! :smiley:


I don’t have my club lloyds account anymore but I used to send the £1500 every month and 1 second later back to monzo, so I don’t think it’s a good idea

:eyes: I know plenty of people who are on WAY less than this per month.


Oh absolutely, I was highlighting that although banks say “salary”, what they usually mean is X amount of pounds transferred each month - So if you can’t move your salary for whatever reason, it wouldn’t actually make a difference.

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Ah right, I get you.