White page when browsing forum

I’m having an issue when browsing the forum from my work laptop. When I load the forum URL I just see a white page.

Ive tried…

Using IE and Chrome (+ incognito mode)
Hotspotting off my iPhone (in case it was some sort of work filter)
Deleting cache etc
Disabling addons such as adblock etc.
Talking nicely to IT… they can view the forum no problem

It seems very similar to this issue…

Any ideas?

Has this been happening for a while or just today?

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I had issues with Safari and Chrome in the past but it works OK in Firefox

It started on Friday last week.

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I’m the same on the work machine. I was assuming some form of corporate policy change if I’m honest.

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I thought the same too but I signed one of the IT guys up to Monzo so it’s not in their interests :grin:

I had this a few weeks ago on my work machine

In Chrome, check what errors you get in the console? Ctrl + shift + I, then navigate to console tab and load fresh page.

You can also install Fiddler and see what’s happening to all requests. Fiddler shows a lot, so to see things ideally stop/close everything that’s not relevant. If you see a lot of 404, 410 response codes - that’s area to investigate further. :wink:

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Same with me at work on my desktop pc. Windoze 7, IE11

Started last Friday, same again today. White page for Monzo Community. Discorse pages are fine.


So much red! :smiley: By clicking the name of the file (right column) you can further inspect it and see what’s wrong with those .js files. I don’t know discourse that well, but it’s safe assumption that they are required for discourse to work. :wink:

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Looks like this problem has been resolved today; at least at my end.


Yes, working for me too.


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