Where did you go....? 🙄

I was getting worried for a moment…


I had to go on Twitter for my lols! The shame of it…

Looks to be sorted now :muscle:

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I thought :monzo: was doing a Starling at first!


Either I’m very unlucky with the Discourse sites I use, or they were stretching the truth somewhat when claiming hours ago that “most of the affected sites” had been restored.


Freetrade is gone completely!

Aha! We’re back! :smiley: I missed the community while it did a Cloudflare this morning.


Noticed it wasn’t working earlier (same as Monzo), but didn’t notice it go missing completely. It seems to be present and in working order now (either that or I just hallucinated commenting there).

Weird. It’s just a blank page (well, there’s a fair bit of page downloaded but visibly there’s nothing).

Does this mean “it’s not you, it’s me”? :smiley:

Fine for me. Must be you


I was hoping Monzo was gonna do a Starling :upside_down_face: :eyes:

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Ahh, it’s Safari. It’s fine in Chrome.

I wondered if access to the forum had become a new Plus feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Such wit.


Liked by three current and one previous Coral Crew. Speaks volumes…

lol I particularly liked Dannys reply to you on the other site when you made the same comment there Dan :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …and Im being sarcastic there ! - you’ve got to wonder if that’s an acceptable comment concerning anybody let alone Monzo forum users and I appreciate there is no love lost on the other forum for Monzo forum users ? , in most threads, most topics it turns to “hatred” of Monzo from a few of their users :slight_smile: ?


I’m not a moderator Ian, so any replies to my comments are outside of my control.

My comment was tongue firmly in cheek and I suspect most people would have taken it in the spirit it was intended. The reaction on here is typical of the culture that’s been fostered. Not much you can do about it when the people meant to be ensuring rules are followed don’t follow them themselves!


No I thought your comment was very funny , worth posting twice on different forums :slight_smile: - I agree you have no control over replies to your tongue in cheek post

Sorry Dan, which rule did I break by liking a comment?

The reply to my comment would appear to be a sarcastic comment about me, which you and other Coral Crew have then liked.

It’s fine though, no complaints or flags from me. Just pointing out it comes across a little bit hypocritical.