What app to follow the community on?

I would like to follow this forum on an app, so I receive notifications and the like…any suggestions?

Currently using safari on my phone which is good but I don’t receive any audible notification when there’s a reply


Discourse has its own app.

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…downloading :wink:

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As Colin has said, Discourse have their own app. Discourse is the platform used for this forum. Here is the App Store link…



Thanks very much guys. Is that the best one?

Taptatalk any good?

Does that still exist? :joy: And if so does it support Discourse?

Still exists and has very good reviews on the App Store (I’ve just downloaded it), that’s my shout too about whether is supports discourse?

Anyone have the answer?

Any reason why you don’t just use it in the web browser?

I have the Discourse app for notifications, but end up reading it on the browser most of the time.

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Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing too, just opening the app and finding notifications that way, but thought there might be something a bit faster or more intuitive and cleaner looking that gave notifications also.

Discourse works for the notifications, but then takes me to the site anyway which serves its purpose

Maybe I’m just weird but I generally prefer just using the browser to installing an app for every minor thing.

Each to their own.


I would seriously advise against using Tapatalk, and I’d also advise against any site that uses Tapatalk. It’s terrible, and their policies are also terrible.

Their XF2 integration had major issues for a while, completely breaking other add-ons and in some instances the entire site.

Steer clear!


I follow a few forums

Fair play. My comment really wasn’t meant as a criticism.

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The web browser can get really buggy for replies, sometimes missing buttons, clicks etc. It’s not exclusive to Monzo, it’s a Discourse issue.

I noticed that a while ago (the invisible cursor didn’t seem to drop down, so you couldn’t see what you were writing).

I got into the habit of spamming the enter key to give me more room.

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The new Discourse ‘app’ update seems to be working wonders :eyes: — anyone else have the same issue?

iOS 12.0.1
iPhone XS Max


Looks like a known bug :bug:


Looking at the Discourse app on the XS Max is painful (the resolution/size of writing!)

I only use it for notifications now, and go straight to Safari to browse.