Unable To Use Forum On This IP

I am unable to access this forum over my mobile connection. It comes up with an error saying ‘Unable to access on this IP address’ but switching to WiFi solves this. I have tried clearing cache but this does not help. Is this a known issue?

Perhaps you mean notwork


I am on Three. However this is a newer issue. I have adult filters off too.

I can access the forum just not log in.

Yes done the usaul trial and error things. It’s not a massive issue. As it’s just when I’m on break at work. I’ll try it on private browsing tomorow and see if that works

No I’ll try that at work too.

Three almost certainly uses carrier grade NAT so you share your public IP with many other people. For whatever reason that IP has probably got blacklisted somewhere :frowning:


Hey @fruityseb - thanks for letting us know. Keep us updated on whether a private browsing window makes a difference.

I’m not aware of anything that would cause that error. It’d be great to get to the bottom of things, in case this is happening to other users too.

Just checked. Yes this locks me out still on both… though I screenshoted this time…

Without VPN. Regular mobile internet.

With VPN. Regular mobile internet.

Want to share your IP address? Google “What is my IP address” to find out

I can haz IP is even better. :wink:

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http://test-ipv6.com/ provides your IPv4 AND IPv6 address (if any) just in case you are connecting over one or the other: if you have both addresses shown, it’ll be worth supplying Monzo with both.

Ok, can you try again (same phone, same network)… now?

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I can haz IP is dual-stack so will give you your iPv6 if available. You can use the dedicated v6.icahazip.com and v4.icanhazip.com to select a particular address type (or just use curl's -4 and -6 switches when using it on the command line). :+1:t2:

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By default, https://icanhazip.com/ only seems to return my IPv6 address: going to the dedicated sites will return the IPv4/IPv6 individually : test-ipv6.com does return both addresses by default.

That is by design. I can haz IP is very simple, and only returns your IP address in text/plain format. The other sites you mention use some Javascript to hit two endpoints which only listen on a specific IP version and displays both responses.

I can haz IP is mainly designed to be used programmatically within scripts or from the command line curl icanhazip.com but I do prefer it due to its simplicity and lack of ads and other nonsense (no, I don’t want to download 10MB worth of malicious ads, Javascript and a Google Map just to know my IP) :+1:t2:

Whatever you’ve done has worked. Thank you. Sorry for slow response I work on phones and had to wait till my break.