Which phone company accepts Monzo MasterCard

Hello, I’ve tried to buy a phone from EE & Three but non have accepted my payment so I was wondering which phone company accepts Monzo?

What error message did you get?

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I’ve just used my Monzo card to pay EE !

Signed up for a new O2 account, no problems at all with Monzo details. Used to pay for Three with Monzo, but that was via CASS, so not sure if their systems would take the details.

Both of these are SIM Only contracts.

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Hey @xesta19!

Your card should work everywhere that accepts MasterCard!

If you pop us a message in the in-app chat, we can take a closer look to see if the card payment has been declined for any reason :slight_smile:


It’s been reported many times that in-store applications with phone companies fail due to the card verification method they use. It’s because Monzo issue incompatible (their fault, not Monzos) authorisation codes. I believe there’s some kind of whitelist in operation.

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What?! It didn’t work for me

I got my cv2 is incorrect

Strange. Might be worth starting an in app chat if you’re 100% sure you’ve entered it correctly

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It has worked perfectly fine! Thank you everyone for your support and help! The payment did go through