Where is the physical "bank"?

(Nick) #1


Where is the “physical” bank of Monzo located?

I’m still having merchants not recognising the sort code and tell me it is not a UK bank. When I enter the 04-00-04 sort code into my bank to transfer money to my Monzo AC then it tell me it is ECO BANK, MWENGE BRANCH, UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA.

Is this why some direct debits are failing to be set up?


(Jonathon) #2

There is no physical bank, but if you need an address, use:

Monzo Bank
230 City Road
London EC1V 2QY


It is in Old Street in London. Your bank have incorrect database info if they think it is in Tanzania!

(Nick) #4


Yes I know it is in Old Street, London; but look what I see when I type the sort code into my bank to set up a transfer to Monzo. I’m wondering if some merchants are seeing this and thats why they tell me that they cannot set up the direct debit?

Just a thought…



What bank are you with? I just tried the internet banking of 7 different banks and that is not coming up at any of my banks

(Nick) #6

It is with Citibank UK that I am seeing this.


Thanks. That may be useful as Monzo could perhaps speak to them.

(simon) #8

We’ve tried… Honestly it took weeks just to get them to even recognise the 04-00-04 sortcode at all…

Hopefully it’ll sort itself out once they load in the EISCD directory (usually once a month)

(Nick) #9

Just spoken to one merchant (ZOPA) and they have tried to update the direct debit details as I could not do it online; they are telling me they cannot add the Monzo sort code as it is not being recognised as a “traditional UK bank”.

Customers who want to move banks 100% to Monzo are going to be in the same position as me, with some direct debits coming out of legacy banks and having to move a proportion of salary payment income from Monzo to the existing bank to cover direct debits.

This hardly makes for a simply banking experience - which Monzo is meant to be all about.

I’m not putting any blame here, its probably one of those things that will improve over time; but I’m obviously part of the CA preview and hoping my feedback is helpful.

(Andrew Schofield) #10

Amusingly the fasterpayments sort code checker, which is linked to from the BACS website doesn’t recognise the Monzo sort code either.



(Alex Sherwood) #11

This one does though :sweat_smile:


(Andrew Schofield) #12

Brilliant :man_facepalming:

(Andrew Schofield) #13

Hopefully these issues will be mostly resolved by the time the CA is released to the masses. With any luck only the early adopters will have to deal with the problems arising from out of date databases.

(Nick) #14

Now here is another funny one…

Just phoned Legal & General Insurance to update DD details - I have three policies with them.

The operator went into my first policy details - was able to update the sort code fine. She went into the second policy details (on a different “system”) and it failed to recognise 04-00-04.

How strange?

(Hugh) #15

Lloyds recognizes the sort code correctly - which is unusual for them to actually get something right!

(Marta) #16

That’s rather weird UX for recognised bank, looks like an error/warning. Does it show the same red exclamation mark for any sort code?

(Aaron Preston) #17

Yes, this is standard for lloyds regardless of which bank the payment is being made to

(Josh Bray) #18

It’s a user prompt to ensure that they check it’s the correct bank. It will appear for all sort codes

(gary) #19

I’m also seeing the same issue. I’m trying to transfer to my Monzo current account from Citibank and being told that it’s an “ECO Bank” branch in Tanzania, just as @nick69g sees. This is the first time I’m trying, but would have hoped that the EISCD database would have been updated as mentioned by @simon over a month ago…

(Adam Williams) #20

Worth complaining to customer services IMO.