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Hi, I recently got a Monzo debit card and I’m trying to get my salary paid into it. My employer asks me to provided bank details such as the branch. What should I put there?

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Your sort code and account number can be found in the ‘account’ tab. The address you can use is:
Monzo Bank, 230 City Road, London EC1V 2QY, United Kingdom

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as Anthony suggests I would say that the details would be -

Account number -
Sort code - 04-00-04
Branch - Monzo Bank
230 City Road

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For future reference, all of these details are in the settings menu of the app (in Android at least)

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The address details are also on iOS.


Not that it matters - the only important thing is the account number and sort code. You could tell them anything you want for the branch and the payment will still go through (because you are actually never asked for a branch when making a BACS/Faster Payment).

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Whilst that’s true when you set up payment templates and bulk lists most banks list the branch address when you enter the sort code. I enter quite a lot of these as I work as bookkeeper. So I can understand when some employers also ask for a bank address - doesn’t help them if they key in the wrong account number but at least it’s a double check for getting the sort code right.

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Hey :wave:

If you ever need to enter a ‘branch’ address, you should pop down our office address :point_down:

1st Floor,
230 City Road,

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Thanks @ianlyon. I kinda figured out myself the other day when I was driving past :monzo:. Here’s the proof :smile:


Interestingly a lot of websites still come up with Epworth St when you enter your sort code. I’m guessing it doesn’t matter much, but I have noticed it.

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