Where is my money

Hi there,
I have just received a sms from monzo saying that I have just overdrafted. When I checked my balance, about 120 pounds were disappeared with no notice of any payment. Basically I didn’t make any payment, this money simply disappeared. I tried the help chat and to call the center, no answers. Could anyone tell me what’s going on here? Thanks in advance

We are all customers like you so can’t help.

If you download a statement you might be able to pinpoint where you spent it

You’ll need to ask in app if you need more support


Really? No instant notification?

When you say SMS do you mean a notification? I ask this because Monzo don’t send text messages :confused:

Also, all payments are instant so any transactions should show at the top of your feed. This makes it almost impossible for money to just disappear. Either way, in app chat will help you get to the bottom of it because nobody on here has access to your account to look into it :slight_smile:

We do for lending related reasons where the app has been uninstalled or push notifications aren’t being received :slight_smile:

Hey @Riccardo2 :wave:

Really sorry to hear about this - have you had a reply in the chat yet?

If you’re still struggling to get in touch please let me know, but the best way to talk to us about this will be via the app :slight_smile:


How do you determine this? What’s the criteria for sending an SMS as opposed to a push notification - or do you switch to SMS if a push notification hasn’t been received after x amount of time?

This. I believe it is 30 days but Slack-fu is letting me down tonight :frowning_face:

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