Where does Monzo get its icon images?


New Monzo user here and I was just wondering where the images that show up next to transactions are pulled from as even purchases from obscure locations seem to have an icon? Do Monzo hand curate them or are they doing something more intelligent from a software perspective?

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Twitter :slight_smile: failing that falling back on Facebook, websites etc.

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Good question :slight_smile: Monzo crowdsource the merchant’s logos & other data from Monzo users, this blog explains how that works -

Android users can’t submit updates through the app yet but they can message the support team with them, via the in-app chat instead.

Monzo also pulls data from Foursquare & Google to help identify and build their database you can see some of the data they retrieve via the API -

Link to online merchant in transaction detail

Nice! Thanks for such a speedy response :slight_smile:

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