When will the proper Debit cards be distributed?

Just wondering how long we have to deal with these prepaid cards lol

After the launch of the bank, which you can keep an eye on, through the roadmap.

That won’t be until Q2 next year though. And once the bank is launched, the cards themselves won’t be that different :stuck_out_tongue: they might have cardholder names & account numbers but that would be it & that’s TBC…

Hugo shared a bit of a preview of the new cards (or at least, shared how they’re designed) here -

It would be good, though, to hear some more about exactly what you find to be a problem with the prepaid program - so Mondo can make sure to address these going forwards.


Well the only annoying thing is that I can’t send money to other people unless they also have a Monzo account.

ATM (cash) or Paypal work fine with the card. Yes there are limitations but these can be overcome. If you truly want to send money to someone with it electronically, you can. Just not in a traditional banking way - yet.

Is there any other way that I can electronically send a specific amount of funds to a non-Monzo bank account?

  • PayPal only lets you send money with other PayPal accounts (which is not happening as I’ve got both cards registered under the same account)

  • ATM tansfer means having to go back to a bank and deposit the money, which is a bit long.

I appreciate that there aren’t many “fast” ways to send money to another account but surely there is another alternative way to do this electronically?

It can be frustrating that Monzo’s functionality can feel slightly limited at times - but I’d imagine that the launch of full current accounts will really start to address this sort of stuff. The way that things are working now with the app is more of an indication of what we’re going to get at some point next year and, to be fair, they’re being very clear with us that it’s not meant to replace your day-to-day bank just yet.

For the moment, I’d say that using your usual account to send money to friends with other banks is the best option!

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Once they launch the real debit cards and current accounts, they will be part of the faster payments schemes which means you can just transfer to accounts instantly. (or there abouts)


This particular limitation is due to the fact that the current Monzo solution is a prepaid card (intended for making payments), rather than a bank account.

Once the full bank is launched, you’ll be able to use services like Faster Payments to make transfers, which is on the roadmap.

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Absolutely @alexs - take a look at the rest of my comment you’ll see we’re on the same page

EDIT I see the confusion, I meant to tag @Bodz in my original response!

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